Thursday, April 24, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 8

This is the end of the whole trip. The last day was to Coex Aquarium and there were some mini concert on the street outside Coex too. Coex is the largest underground shopping center in Asia.

Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5 or 6.
COEX is directly connected to the station.

You gotta walk further in before you can see the aquarium. If you see the walls are decorated with fishes and stuff like that, you know you're heading to the right direction. There's an entrance ticket which is quite pricey. But, for all that you get to see, it's definitely an experience and quite worth it.

This is the prairie dog. No idea what's that I just find them so damn cute. They live nothing like a dog, except that they are named "dogs" for their habitat and warning calls which sounds similar to a dog's bark.

Don't ever wish to have your hands once you put it inside here. It's the famous piranha. haha.

I remember there was a movie called the beaver where this guy had a very close friend, the beaver. The beaver is just a soft toy, not a real one. This, is definitely real.

Formation dancing of sardines. Omg the movement is so awesome. There are so many of them, having formation. I was definitely impressed.

Finally, we have the penguins. A real life penguin for once!

There are many other animals, fishes and etc around and in the aquarium alone, I have taken more than 250 pictures. There are just so many to see there. Oh I love the sharks, not to eat, but to see them. Do not eat sharks okay.

There were some mini concert going on out there. I was there just a little while then I left the place to meet someone. This is already the end of my 9 days trip. The next day was nothing at all, just get my ass off to Incheon Airport and there I was, headed back to KL and how I miss you people here! :P

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