Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anniversary 2014

So yeah, there were practices, lots of them before this. This is held every year, may not be the same date or day, but this is sure to be held yearly to help the victims in Japan. This is already the 8th year that funds were raised to help aid for the victims, in particular, those that had lost their parents.

People are only gonna help on the first year. Years that follow by are usually not aided anymore. After covering the cost of the MC, and rentals and etc, the balance goes to the victims.

That is me with my lion head. Oh god.

I don't know why, my hand looks a lil bigger than the usual size.

That was me outside Blackbox while the others were performing

Bonded through dance.

Ah this was with Land Slyde haha. We shall meet again next year haha

One last group pic when Misaki was still there before going back to Japan for good

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