Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Logic?

I just don't know the logic behind a certain thing. Knowing that I don't freaking read, write, or speak a particular language, that person will type the character out, expecting me to understand what he's trying to say. I don't get this.

Why do you want to type in Chinese to someone who doesn't read it? What is that logic. Tell me. Unless someone is out of his sanity, then maybe it's understandable. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.

It will not do any good. Instead, this will irk that person and the receiving person gets very agitated. So, why? The purpose? To promote the Chinese language? It's not necessary really.

In a circle, if everyone speaks one language except one, and they chose to speak their own common language neglecting that one person that don't understand, how will you feel? I feel that's an outright disrespect to that one person. It's the same in written, and that's even worse. At least, in verbal, there's tone. In words, there's none. Probably, these people had not felt in that situation before. Maybe, they just don't know how respect is shown. It's time to open up and be  more considerate. Honestly.

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