Monday, June 30, 2014


Compliments is a very positive energy, that we have something nice to say about people, that shows admiration to a certain extent, or it just to show that you appreciate whatever you're seeing. It makes the other person feel good, it boosts your morale. Everything's good about compliments.

So there comes the Asian way of accepting compliments. People don't really know how to respond or react to it. It's just as simple as "thank you." Rather, I see people around saying the Malaysian way "got meh?," "no lah," "where got" or anything equivalent. It  really means, don't lie, no, and I don't think so. That's how it translates as. Not literally, but somehow.

I have to think it's an Asian way whenever I observe. I am not sure which part of Asian. I will guess that it's the Chinese Asian part. I read a book before, A Foreign Babe in Shanghai, and apparently, that's how people are too. It's not right to accept it in open hands. It will be considered as being snobbish and arrogant.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lombok Day 4 Part 2

Yes. This is the time we went for a "atas" dinner. Since we have been eating in mediocre or street food, it's time for something more cozy and comfortable, for, it's our last night there anyway. We have actually been eying this restaurant from Day 1 as the reviews were all great, and it looks so nice from the outside. It's only logic that we experience it ourselves.

So yes, we expected that it's going to be very costly considering the environment, and the fact that this is quite a high end place. Looking at the set, it's only 300,000 rp and that's not even 100 ringgit back home. Look at the menu, eat til we will explode. Burst we shall be. It's even much cheaper for those that come from the other part of the world. How lucky when you have strong currency heh.

Owh my meat, I can't live without meat. The meat was tender, it was juicy and delicious. Gosh. What a life.

That's the environment, very light and easy with live band. It isn't the live band you see back in KL where it's so loud til you can't even talk to your friends. It's really just nice, great music they played. People just enjoy it while having their meals.

Me and my food haha. Of course, right.

Finally, it's time to bid goodbye to this awesome place. It's called the Square. I guess, if I am given a choice to return to the main Lombok, I'll only look forward to this place haha. So far, everything else was not impressive.

He left 5 years ago

5 years ago, a very great legend passed on. It's no other than the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson.

When the name is mentioned, there are mixed reactions about him. It's such a pity that a man with such great talent had to leave us at an early age of 50. He's definitely not your next door guy. Don't expect him to lead a normal life as an average guy. He started his career when all the other children were having their childhood. He didn't have one. It's really very sad. Again, if he did, I guess you wouldn't see him with that success in his life. And, maybe, that was why he was extremely friendly with children. You can't blame him, can you? 

They don't care about us

Heal the world. I love this song. Michael and his humanity. I can't see anyone else singing songs like that. How moving. It's reality, and that sucks. We need the world to be a better place to live in. The faith we have for human race is dying and fading away. Thank you, Michael :) Reality check.

Physically, he may not be here anymore with us, but he will always remain as a legend that made a difference to billions of people. This guy is definitely magnificent. It's an honor to live 25 years with him on the same planet. :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lombok Day 4 Part 1

Yes, it's Day 4. We are already half way through. We have decided to sleep in that day, well not sleep in per se, it was just a little bit longer than the previous few days. It was a free and easy day, without any itinerary on it. It's all about walking, shopping, seeing, and eating.

The weather did not look too good that day. It was on and off shine and rain. When it rained, we needed to find a shed. So yes, we stopped by at the nearest restaurant when it rained. The Bayview Restaurant. For the first time, I look so short. Haha.

Oh my brown brown skin here haha

It was tea time, we had green curry and pizza. Just a pit stop, not too much.

We then bought post cards and sent it to each other back home. Hehe. It was quite fast, got it like 10 days after it was posted? Not too bad.

What do you call a meal after tea time and before dinner? Post tea time? Or pre-dinner?We had kebab just before dinner haha.

Sometimes, it's not that we wanted to eat so much. Rather, it kept raining. haha. Anyway, what's travelling without food? Pit stops for food are awesome.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Emergency Couple

I started watching this drama which was produced early this early. I was rushed into watching this lately by a not-so-drama fan. So, it has to be good somehow, right? I am watching this drama called "Emergency Couple." Those who follow Running Man series will know this drama as it's starred by their ace star, Song Ji Hyo.

I have always liked the main star. This time, apparently not. This is Pil Mo. He may not look like your typical Korean guy look. But, omg, I love his rugged look. His hair, omg. There's just something in him. I love this drama, except that I want her to end up with him. Though I have not watched all, I know who she will end up with. It's so sad. I want it to be Pil Mo! Happy Advanced Birthday to him! :P

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunglasses - Find the perfect one

The weather is getting hotter and hotter these days. If you check the temperature, it's increasing each day and it's not even funny anymore. Each time you're out, you can never go without sunglasses. Personally, I have always liked wearing sunglasses. Ensure that you pick the right sunglasses for your face shape of course. 

Sunglasses are the accessories for women to cover their eyes from the sun and still appear stylish anywhere they go. If you're like me, lazy to put on make up, this is the way to go. Put on some sunglasses and strut the street without looking ridiculous. However, it might be a problem for some girls as not all sunglass designs could suit a person’s face. Different people have different face shapes where some are heart-shaped, oval, round and square. The wrong choice of sunglasses for your face will definitely make your face seem peculiar and you don't want that.

For a woman who has heart shaped face where the forehead is wider with narrower jaw line and high cheekbones are suitable to wear cat eye sunglasses as it will accentuate the face shape. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt are heart shape face ladies who love wearing those fancy sunglasses. Meanwhile, oval shaped faces ladies have the most advantage as their face shape is suitable with any designs of sunglasses in the market because their face feature has balanced proportions. Lucky right!

The cute round face women should definitely opt for rectangular or square sunglass frames to enhance their look. Round face celebrities such as Kristen Dunst and Emma Stones balances out their face by wearing square frames and still look amazingly stunning. Other than that, the technique works vice versa with the squared shape face ladies. A round sunglass frame will be the perfect choice to highlight the best features. It is seen that women could look fabulous and pretty by selecting from the various sunglass brands offered in the market. With these simple tips, you could never go wrong with your sunglass selections. If you are wondering for the fastest way to get your stylish sunglasses, Zalora offers you a wide range of sunglasses at an affordable price. You could browse through their website and have it delivered right at your doorstep!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 4

We hung around there. So yes, we loved the breeze too much to leave.

OMG such beautiful hair I had. Nice. It was practically the whole day my hair being blown.

Then, when there's absolutely nothing to do and we started wandering around, it's time to get hyped up hehe. It's the jump time.

The three of us. Again and again. It's always my hair. The short hair symptoms.

We went back to Senggigi and if I am not mistaken, it was in Furama Seafood restaurant. The name sounds woolala~ I mean, the place isn't too bad but it really isn't great. It's not like WOW, I will return. It isn't anything like that. Just pretty average.

After the dinner, we went to swim a little while and called it a night. It's not like my body can take it much more. By this time, I was not feeling the best already. I fell sick after the first night. Brilliant, right? But I didn't have fever yet, so it's all good for now.

Monday, June 16, 2014

FoodPanda Saved Me! Bonn Appetite!

Just the other day, I was supposed to have dinner with someone. The someone left me alone at home, and I was not able to wait til 11 PM. Therefore, it's best that I get my own dinner. It happens. It's Friday night and I am supposed to work the next day. So, no late nights. Sad.

Anyway, I have seen this delivery company countless times as suggested post in Facebook and I've no idea what that is until I clicked on the link. I thought it was like Berjaya group whereby they have Kenny Rogers, Starbucks and etc under them. I was wrong. So wrong. Pardon my ignorance.

I didn't know they have this here! So I love the name of it, FoodPanda, my god, awesome name. It's a delivery company whereby you place the order with them, and they will collect your food from the restaurant and send it over to you.

It's pretty straightforward. I like how the website works. You just register with them, like of course right, and you type in your area. Enter your location, and all the available restaurants will appear. Ensure you type in the correct area of course. Don't type TTDI when you are in Mont Kiara. If the food fails to be delivered, then it's your own mistake altogether.

Restaurants that appeared, they have what is the estimated delivery timeframe, how much is the minimum order, halal or non-halal and stuff like that. Place your order, follow the instructions, tadaaa you are almost done.

The coverage in Kepong isn't expanded yet. My place only has Papa John's. I actually asked the CS how does the voucher work. Okay, they may need to train their CS more as I was told they do not have any services in Kepong at all when I can find Papa John's. If you have vouchers, just enter the code provided and if you do not see the option there, it means the vouchers cannot be redeemed for those restaurants. Well, that's how most companies works, like eBay too.

After getting all those done, SMS will be sent to your mobile to confirm your order. Now, just wait for your food to arrive. PaPa John's was good, the guy actually called to ensure that I get my food. He even called to tell me to expect a little delay in the delivery, which is totally awesome. I love it when I am being informed, unlike many places whereby they don't even bother as long as they send it out from their restaurants.

Here comes my food, yay!! Bonn appetite!!    

As embarassing as it may sound, I have not eaten PaPa John's in my life, not even once though they have been around for so long now. I wanted once, but when I walked in, nobody served me when I sat there for 15 minutes. That was bad. This time I got to eat. I must say that the Hawaiian Chicken I ordered was really good! It's definitely better than the classical pizza I ate while I grew up. It has standard :D Oh I ordered some drinks too and it's still in my fridge now :P

Now that I just checked Foodpanda site, there are so many deals now, why!!! Courtesy of the World Cup we have. World Cup Deals only if I knew it earlier. It's okay, there's always the next order and I foresee, soon!

It's definitely a choice to look into when you are always stranded without food, like me. Mehh.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 3

So, we didn't spend much time at the waterfall. It was just that small waterfall we saw. We chilled maybe 10 minutes and we left. There's nothing we can do there anyway.

Going down from the waterfall. That's us haha with Kakak sleeping there. -.-

We stopped by at this beautiful place. From Senggigi, as you go higher, the sand gets darker and darker from the soil. It gets nearer and nearer to the volcano which is located nearby. That is an active volcano but it hasn't erupted for a  very long time now.

Here again. Someone is getting married. That's how they are. Everyone, the guys, jumped into a vehicle like that to transport them to the place. All sandwiched together.

On the way down, we stopped here. Since that we are not able to be on time to witness the sunset from the restaurant in Senggigi, we just stopped here to wait for the sunset. Different types of corns. Yums.

Oops that's me. Haha. It's very nice to just sit, relax and enjoy the view, together with the breeze.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 2

From the last entry, we then arrived at the waterfall. The day before it, we actually went into Trip Advisor and such to check on how the place was rated. It was great. People had been rating it as very great, and breathtaking view. It must be great right?

Before going up, we have to recharge first. Food time! It was raining so it's nice that we have something soupy, something hot to warm up our bodies.

This is the layout of all 3 waterfalls.

All ready for Sendang Gile waterfall. We went with umbrealla :O What a name you think right? Me too

Sadly, due to the bad weather, we only managed one waterfall which was 15 minutes walk. The second waterfall takes 45 minutes from the first one and it is not advisable to do it during a rainy day as it's risky and dangerous in case anyone slip and fall. We do not want anything to happen on a holiday.

After 1.5 hours drive from Senggigi, this was what we got. Omg. Our KL's watefalls are better. haha. I will not do this again. It wasn't near great or amazing at all. Maybe, the greatness comes at the third waterfall, I'm not sure. But, if based on the first one, it really wasn't.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Realistic Expectations

I read an article. A statement made by a female, and what she had mentioned in the article is so right.

What the girls say"

"My boyfriend better buy me this."
"My boyfriend better not talk to other girls."
"My boyfriend better not ditch me for his boys."

The answers to these statements?

"You can buy yourself whatever you want. Your boyfriend is not your bank account."
"He's with you for a reason. If he wanted them, he would be with them."
"His boys are his boys. If you screw up, they are going to be there for him. Stop being inconsiderate."

Your boyfriend is there to enhance your life, not pay for all your wants, be your servant and be miserable in the process

Yes, so there you go. You can buy anything that you want. But, these people are strange creatures. Some are actually loaded but they want the guys to buy them everything. Why? They like receiving gifts.

Apart from being strange, they are psychotic too. I know many, within my circle and outside, that these people go berserk when they know that their bfs are out with girls. Some guys tend to have more female friends and if the gfs happen to be some mental case, it's a drama to be watched. I know a girl, whose once a time bf had many many female friends. There's the you better come now, if you don't I will commit suicide and all those stuff that you think you only see that on tv. No, it happens in life. Oh and it's funny because these girls can have 82% guy friends, but when it comes to their bfs, it's not allowed?

Then, there are days where there will be boys night out, just like the ladies night. But, again, as sad as this sound, these psychotic girls want their bfs to dedicate their entire body, mind and soul to them. My god! If the guys act this way, and I am sure there are, are as psychotic. I actually pity these girls sitting at one corner looking all bored when the boys are enjoying his football in particular! HAHA! True story.

How true was that. They should have a realistic expectations.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 1

It's Day 3. The same company had picked us up and they were a little late. But, this time is a different guy. I honestly prefer this guy more than the one before this. At least, they changed the car, this time with air cond and it's more comfortable! When it involves a long drive, that's all you really need.

We planned to go up to the waterfall today. On the way up, we had a few of stops for pictures. Beautiful scenery :D As you can tell, the wind was so strong I love when it when it blows, it goes down your spine.

Second pitstop. Omg, this is so damn nice I love it!

Oh we stopped by at a market too! A traditional market it is. It's so narrow. This shows how long I have not been to a market. But again, compared to our local market, this is much more narrow. And there they go guessing we are from Japan or Korea. Jepang sounds so familiar. Galih used to say that to me haha. Are there that many tourists from there? Hmm.

In Lombok, you can see the horse carriages everywhere. It's a means of transportation here. Having said that, this is pure slavery of the horses. I certainly do not agree of taking this. Just for the human greed of monetary benefits, the horses are made into slaves. How cruel can people be? Oh, not to forget, this issue was brought up for New York city once. I've heard that they had planned to ban it. Not sure if that had taken place or are there any arguments.

This is apparently very normal. I see this everywhere I go.

The weather today looked cloudy. It's just a matter of time before it rains. Cloud was above our head. Oh no!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lombok Day 2 Part 2

This was in Southern Lombok. It's about 15 minutes drive from the Kuta beach, or was it more? The driver did not want to drive us there in the beginning. He was promoting the lake on the way there. But, why will we want to go to the lake when there's a beach, right? Research came in handy without any internet access on the road.

Only to know that the road there are filled with pot holes and damage. It isn't like the holes here in KL. It's a thousand times worse that it feels even bumpier than a real horse ride. Literally.

Then, we arrived to this beautiful place. There isn't much stuff there, like stalls, toilets and stuff like that. It's lacking in that area but that's how it's kept so clean. The scenery was beautiful, the water is crystal clear and there's the amazing white sand, soft and nice to walk on. That's how a beach supposed to be.

Tadaaa it's us hehe

Then, the coconut water we had. Otherwise, we would have died from dehydration.

One last one before we leave. This is stunning. There were a few of them selling stuff, like shirts, sarungs, and etc and I had a little culture shock how they approach you. When the car window was already almost up, they can still put their hands in to make you buy. Give me for free I will take it of course. Haha. And, if you buy it from someone else, they will mumble to themselves, but you can still hear what they say.

According to the driver, this is the biggest shopping mall in Lombok. We can't expect too much, and it happens to be like the Kajang shopping center. Omg, seriously? Again, that's not KL, to have a shopping mall there is already something great I guess. It's in Mataram and we made a few stops outside the mall instead for dinner as there is absolutely nothing inside the mall.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lombok Day 2 Part 1

Oh. The hotel provided us breakfast everyday. You think, how bad can breakfast be, right? Continental breakfast. Do not underestimate. It was horrible. The bread, eggs, and everything else was really bad. Well, that was all they served anyway.

The driver picked us up and we told him that we wanted to have bakso.

He took us here, rumah makan is what they call it. Literally translated as house eat, which means, restaurant in proper term. We wanted bakso, and they do not have any bakso here. We were just scammed. Dammit.

It's the time for beach. Kuta beach. The famous beach in Bali is called Kuta too, and it was nice, and beautiful. Not this. It was dirty, the sand was rough you can hardly walk without feeling pain at the bottom of your feet. The weather on that day was perfect. Sunny.

Since we have traveled this far from the hotel in Senggigi, maybe, it's great that we chill out a little while before moving places.

Before moving, it's the perfect idea to have lunch first. There were a few cafes and restaurants along the beach. It isn't a typical place like what you get in Krabi or Bali where restaurants are clean, crowded and awesome. It's not a tourisy place at all, the restaurants are practically dead, nobody is there, and you get the same person having you seated, take the orders, cook, collect for the bill and say goodbye to you. It's a one man show here and that means it's a long long wait for everything. You just have to be patient. Really patient.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lombok Day 1 Part 2

Lombok! There was a bit of hiccups during check in. Not that they were not able to find our bookings, but rather the condition of the room.

The reviews we read was actually pretty good. It was on Agoda, foursquare and if I am not mistaken, Trip Advisor too. With that in mind, it can't be THAT bad right? Yeah, it wasn't THATTTT bad, but it was bad enough.

We booked the lowest category of the rooms they had and it was not very pricey. However, it was not cheap either. When we walked into the room, we can smell a very strong weird stinky smell which you don't wanna stay in there for the next 5 nights.

Due to the comfort of our fellow travelers, all of us agreed on an upgrade. After the upgrading and stuff, it should be way better. Again, we were wrong. Most importantly, the smell isn't that strong anymore. The superior has much lesser smell, but this was all we got. There's no fridge, no toiletries and towels of course, and what disappointed me the most was the wifi connection. When there's wifi connection, the signal should be STRONG. It wasn't the entire stay. Many times, I have to stand outside the door when it's so hot to get a lil tiny bit of wifi. Even that, I had to struggle with it. The others, they had to stay in one spot and they are not able to move. Once they move, they lose their connection too. That is Bumi Aditya to us.

We walked on the streets to the nearby place from the place we stayed. First, we got a tour guide for the next 2 days settled. 800, 000 rupiah for 2 days. Then, we had this. I have forgotten what it's called. This was mine and it's the most delicious among all of ours. Again, to say it's delicious? Nah. It was our worst meal there in Lombok. It just tasted like our Ayam Masak Merah.

Of course, when you had meal like that, you don't feel satisfactory. The journey continued. It cannot end that early. We had tea time there. haha. Desserts and us, for sure. hehe.

While on the way back, I took a glimpse of this signage which is super eye-catching. I mean, husband day care center? Seriously? It's a culture shock!

Ah, just before we turned into our place, there were these 2 dudes selling martabak. It's the best food there for that particular day and when we say it's delicious, most probably, it also means it's really that unhealthy. Bravo to us.

Tada .... after the first night, I was already down with sore throat. Another 7 nights to endure. My gawd. How? I really believe it was also the weather. Not just the food.