Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Emergency Couple

I started watching this drama which was produced early this early. I was rushed into watching this lately by a not-so-drama fan. So, it has to be good somehow, right? I am watching this drama called "Emergency Couple." Those who follow Running Man series will know this drama as it's starred by their ace star, Song Ji Hyo.

I have always liked the main star. This time, apparently not. This is Pil Mo. He may not look like your typical Korean guy look. But, omg, I love his rugged look. His hair, omg. There's just something in him. I love this drama, except that I want her to end up with him. Though I have not watched all, I know who she will end up with. It's so sad. I want it to be Pil Mo! Happy Advanced Birthday to him! :P

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