Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lombok Day 1 Part 2

Lombok! There was a bit of hiccups during check in. Not that they were not able to find our bookings, but rather the condition of the room.

The reviews we read was actually pretty good. It was on Agoda, foursquare and if I am not mistaken, Trip Advisor too. With that in mind, it can't be THAT bad right? Yeah, it wasn't THATTTT bad, but it was bad enough.

We booked the lowest category of the rooms they had and it was not very pricey. However, it was not cheap either. When we walked into the room, we can smell a very strong weird stinky smell which you don't wanna stay in there for the next 5 nights.

Due to the comfort of our fellow travelers, all of us agreed on an upgrade. After the upgrading and stuff, it should be way better. Again, we were wrong. Most importantly, the smell isn't that strong anymore. The superior has much lesser smell, but this was all we got. There's no fridge, no toiletries and towels of course, and what disappointed me the most was the wifi connection. When there's wifi connection, the signal should be STRONG. It wasn't the entire stay. Many times, I have to stand outside the door when it's so hot to get a lil tiny bit of wifi. Even that, I had to struggle with it. The others, they had to stay in one spot and they are not able to move. Once they move, they lose their connection too. That is Bumi Aditya to us.

We walked on the streets to the nearby place from the place we stayed. First, we got a tour guide for the next 2 days settled. 800, 000 rupiah for 2 days. Then, we had this. I have forgotten what it's called. This was mine and it's the most delicious among all of ours. Again, to say it's delicious? Nah. It was our worst meal there in Lombok. It just tasted like our Ayam Masak Merah.

Of course, when you had meal like that, you don't feel satisfactory. The journey continued. It cannot end that early. We had tea time there. haha. Desserts and us, for sure. hehe.

While on the way back, I took a glimpse of this signage which is super eye-catching. I mean, husband day care center? Seriously? It's a culture shock!

Ah, just before we turned into our place, there were these 2 dudes selling martabak. It's the best food there for that particular day and when we say it's delicious, most probably, it also means it's really that unhealthy. Bravo to us.

Tada .... after the first night, I was already down with sore throat. Another 7 nights to endure. My gawd. How? I really believe it was also the weather. Not just the food.


Charles said...

That's crazy!!! That room is tiny, hell my game room is bigger. I kind of like the husband daycare center idea, haha, although I'm not sure how popular it would be, still comical.

Panda said...

Yeah it wasn't made for westerners haha. It was meant for 2 people to sleep and not walk around. There really isn't much room to walk too. But yeah the day care center was really entertaining. Wonder how they run the place. Lol

Charles said...

Size isn't always everything, as long as the room was comfortable or made you feel welcomed, that's all that really matters.

Panda said...

sometimes it does. When it is way too small.