Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lombok Day 2 Part 2

This was in Southern Lombok. It's about 15 minutes drive from the Kuta beach, or was it more? The driver did not want to drive us there in the beginning. He was promoting the lake on the way there. But, why will we want to go to the lake when there's a beach, right? Research came in handy without any internet access on the road.

Only to know that the road there are filled with pot holes and damage. It isn't like the holes here in KL. It's a thousand times worse that it feels even bumpier than a real horse ride. Literally.

Then, we arrived to this beautiful place. There isn't much stuff there, like stalls, toilets and stuff like that. It's lacking in that area but that's how it's kept so clean. The scenery was beautiful, the water is crystal clear and there's the amazing white sand, soft and nice to walk on. That's how a beach supposed to be.

Tadaaa it's us hehe

Then, the coconut water we had. Otherwise, we would have died from dehydration.

One last one before we leave. This is stunning. There were a few of them selling stuff, like shirts, sarungs, and etc and I had a little culture shock how they approach you. When the car window was already almost up, they can still put their hands in to make you buy. Give me for free I will take it of course. Haha. And, if you buy it from someone else, they will mumble to themselves, but you can still hear what they say.

According to the driver, this is the biggest shopping mall in Lombok. We can't expect too much, and it happens to be like the Kajang shopping center. Omg, seriously? Again, that's not KL, to have a shopping mall there is already something great I guess. It's in Mataram and we made a few stops outside the mall instead for dinner as there is absolutely nothing inside the mall.

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