Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lombok Day 3 Part 3

So, we didn't spend much time at the waterfall. It was just that small waterfall we saw. We chilled maybe 10 minutes and we left. There's nothing we can do there anyway.

Going down from the waterfall. That's us haha with Kakak sleeping there. -.-

We stopped by at this beautiful place. From Senggigi, as you go higher, the sand gets darker and darker from the soil. It gets nearer and nearer to the volcano which is located nearby. That is an active volcano but it hasn't erupted for a  very long time now.

Here again. Someone is getting married. That's how they are. Everyone, the guys, jumped into a vehicle like that to transport them to the place. All sandwiched together.

On the way down, we stopped here. Since that we are not able to be on time to witness the sunset from the restaurant in Senggigi, we just stopped here to wait for the sunset. Different types of corns. Yums.

Oops that's me. Haha. It's very nice to just sit, relax and enjoy the view, together with the breeze.


Charles said...

That last picture, the view and being able to sit there and relax and just enjoy the tranquility... That alone would make the entire trip worth it for me. Not to mention you look amazing as always.

Panda said...

Yeah I love doing that :D