Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lombok Day 4 Part 2

Yes. This is the time we went for a "atas" dinner. Since we have been eating in mediocre or street food, it's time for something more cozy and comfortable, for, it's our last night there anyway. We have actually been eying this restaurant from Day 1 as the reviews were all great, and it looks so nice from the outside. It's only logic that we experience it ourselves.

So yes, we expected that it's going to be very costly considering the environment, and the fact that this is quite a high end place. Looking at the set, it's only 300,000 rp and that's not even 100 ringgit back home. Look at the menu, eat til we will explode. Burst we shall be. It's even much cheaper for those that come from the other part of the world. How lucky when you have strong currency heh.

Owh my meat, I can't live without meat. The meat was tender, it was juicy and delicious. Gosh. What a life.

That's the environment, very light and easy with live band. It isn't the live band you see back in KL where it's so loud til you can't even talk to your friends. It's really just nice, great music they played. People just enjoy it while having their meals.

Me and my food haha. Of course, right.

Finally, it's time to bid goodbye to this awesome place. It's called the Square. I guess, if I am given a choice to return to the main Lombok, I'll only look forward to this place haha. So far, everything else was not impressive.

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