Monday, July 28, 2014

Pangkor Day 1

As embarrassing as it may sound, being a Malaysian, I haven't been to any other islands except for the dirtiest beach ever, Port Dickson and Langkawi. This time, it was kinda impromptu trip, to Pangkor.

It's also probably the worst time to go with the haze around back then in March. It's so bad that I can't remember much about anything else except for the haze.

We stayed there 2 nights and this was the second night. It looks amazing. First night, I don't have to waste time taking the photo haha

Of course, activities at the beach. Banana boat! It has been years I played that.

First time on a hammock! hehe.

Hoping that we can go again. Not to Pangkor again, maybe some other places with the same people. It was amazing.

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