Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Random Sunday

Last weekend,I was pretty much occupied with plans. I didn't really have much time to laze around on my bed starring at the ceiling and do practically nothing. That's one of my favorite past time. I know it sounds so unproductive. Who says sleeping is not productive. If you look at a different perspective, sleeping is productive and it is beneficial for your well-being too. Lack of sleep is hazardous. The effect of it is really huge, and it gets even more as you age or in better terms, grow older.

Yeah, I was doing my nails on Saturday, and Sunday was the time we went to Publika to do free show again. The main event was belly dance but we lost ourselves there and ended up doing a song each for 4 groups. haha.

This is the Japanese group. Yeah, Japanese. haha.

In between 2 sessions, we were stoning already. The worst part is not when you are performing. But, it's the waiting part that is very painful and taxing. You get so bored you just don't know what to do. Therefore, we ended up having coffee which was necessary, and the red velvet too. It was in Coffee Societe. The red velvet was nice. Otherwise, all of us would have fallen asleep while waiting for our turn.

After everything ended, we did a pit stop. A pit stop that ended us spending an hour there. How awesome I know that. Yeah, I got this ear ring there. It's still affordable though I am already broke. Since I am so broke, might as well, right.

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