Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eat, Pray, Love

I have just finished 2 book. Here is the book I have been waiting for to read. Eat, Pray, Love after I've heard all only good reviews. Of course, I really wanted to read it. When I saw that in Big Bad Wolf, grabbbbb it!

It's eat, pray, love where it became a hit in the cinemas. It's where she searched for everything. There's a lot about her connection with God, and how she finally found her inner self. I am not a person as such, but it's very interesting. Then, she fell in love. haha. Oh, I love how the writer put the whole story together and how she narrated it. It was very exciting.

This was about a girl who fell into depression and how her psychiatrist helped her rise up again throughout the years, and one day, he just passed away for some illness which he had lost the battle. It isn't your typical book, in fact, it was boring. If you are someone like that, maybe it's good to pick a book like that if you do not wanna go for the self-help book.

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