Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lewes Part 1

Our base was in Lewes for that few days. Ahh~ It started off there, followed by many others.

It was A380 plane that flew from KLIA to Heathrow Airport. That was my first time flying far distance since 2007 and even more so, this was the first ever since the MH370 tragedy. The plane was really huge :O Thank God, everything went well

This is Lewes Castle previously known as Bray Castle. This castle stands at its highest point of Lewes. Plays, weddings, parties are held here and tickets can be purchased for visiting.

This was in town, the Lewes town and it's a stream here. There's nothing much to see here. Ah Lewes is located 1.5 hours drive away from London. Having said so, the houses are not cheap either. It's around 300 over pounds for a small sized house. Stress of life~!

It was lunch time and that's my first taste of beer in the UK soil. Yums!

It's burger time~~ nom nom.

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