Monday, October 27, 2014

UK: London Day 2 Part 1

Good morning, London! It's such a beautiful day. Okay, knowing UK, even though you wake up with sunny bright weather, it can turn into dark, gloomy day the next minute. Haha.

It's breakfast time. Even Whiskey wants to join in, because he's part of the family and it's his responsibility to play host.

We did the Hop on Hop off bus. Many countries have this.

This is the Tower of London. This is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames. It was once used as a prison before, though it's not its primary purpose of the castle. There's actually a lot of history with this place but now, it's mainly tourism.

This is the Big Ben I was talking about earlier, just a bigger version now since I was at the double decker.

Though there are no lions in the England's flag, somehow lions came to symbolize England. We all know that lions come from Africa. A lion is the only animal that describe the characteristic of being an English which has strength, pride, dignity and power.

We arrived at Buckingham Palace which is the workplace of the monarchy of the UK. This place is also used for official functions.

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