Monday, November 10, 2014

Dance Performance Halloween Party @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

This year, again,I celebrated Halloween in the studio. This year has been more happening. At least, it wasn't entirely in the studio. Last year, we had the walk around too but it's just walks and nothing else. Plus, there wasn't any Halloween song we practised to.

This year was amazing. We had a new group, and there's no emo emo stuff going on and best of all, we danced to Michael Jackson's thriller.

That guy looks scary and he sounded creepy too, all because he was drunk. Haha.

Our whole group is here. Well, some of the kids just dressed up that day and joined the photo session. We do not know who are they, just passer bys.

Of course, back at the studio. Yes, I love this picture a lot.

Here, is our studio. We had all together 5 performances. 2 of them were flash mobs, and 3 were actual performances. It was such a fun-filled event and I loved it so much.

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