Monday, November 24, 2014

UK: London Day 2 Part 2

Continue from the previous post. The weather was actually beautiful for us to walk around. It drizzled like every now and then, but it wasn't too heavy.

Taddaaa .... still in front of Buckingham Palace

This is St. James's Park, not the homeground football stadium for Newcastle. That's St. James' Park. There are ducks, swans, squirrels in the park, and as you walk along, there are lakes around too. It's such a nice recreation park, you can chill out under the nice weather with your friends, picnic and stuff like that.

We headed over to Trafalgar Square. It's guarded by 4 lions surrounding Nelson Column. Oh double decker is behind me. Haha.

There comes Marriott Hotel. I remembered that I was on foot, right in front here, raining, at 2AM 8 years ago! OMG and I can still remember.

St. Paul's Cathedral. As what you have guessed, this is an Anglican cathedral. It's one of the most famous, most recognizable sights in London and it sits at its highest point on top of Ludgate Hill. They have hourly prayers and daily services. As this is a church, they receive many tourists there, not so much for prayers, but just for a visit. They charge 16.50£ admission fee on site and 15£ when purchased online.

Then finally, there's this cafe nearby and we had mocha. It was so chilly, so windy, and it's great to be having hot mocha.

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