Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Europe: Switzerland Day 1 Part 1

We are now going to Switzerland! By far, it's still the most beautiful country I have ever seen and been in my life. Switzerland is divided into a few parts. Different countries call it different terms. Some call it districts, provinces, and here, you call it cantons. They speak different languages depending on where you are. Switzerland is surrounded by Germany, France and Italy as well as Romania. A big portion of it is at the German part. They understand and learn High German in school but in everyday conversation, they actually use slangs, which they call it as Swiss German. It's only the Swiss Germans understand it. Even the Germans have a hard time understanding it at times. Again, a Luzern and a Basel Swiss German may differ too. Therefore, the Swiss language does not really exist. E.g. Merci means thank you in standard french. But, they use it in the German parts too. Vielmal is standard German means a lot. So merci vielmal makes sense for them. Just maybe not for the French and Germans.

We did a pit stop for a toilet break. Yes, to use the toilet, it's 1 CHF. It's a machine whereby you need to put 1 CHF and you are given this ticket/voucher. With this voucher, it's like cash in a form of a voucher. Buy anything there and just give this voucher to them, and 1 CHF will be deducted from the amount. There's no maximum amount of vouchers.

This is a typical Swiss style, a market place. Look at the food, the pastries, everything looked so good! It tasted even better!

The country is very peaceful, very clean with fresh air, and also organized. You have to see the cleanliness there, it's insanely amazing. They have the autobahn there too. It means drive without limits. It runs from Basel, northwestern to Chiasso in the southern side.

It's dinner time, prepared by the owner of the hotel. It reminds me of the life in IMI. Haha.

They are still using the old school key. It's when you appreciate the manual key, not the high tech key card. How often can you find these kind of keys these days. I know Europe still have it. Just awesome. The bad part is that, if you lose it, goodbye.

Right in front of the hotel. It's Hotel Schoenbuhl. Shoen means beautiful in German :D

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