Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

So, yesterday, Feb 18th, was the day all the family members gather together to have a reunion dinner before the day of Chinese New Year. It's at this time that you see many shops are closed during the operation hours. This is in fact more important or significant than the first day itself.

This is the time we say goodbye to all the horses and welcome the goats. Sometimes, I see goats, other times I see sheeps, and I am confused.

Wishing everyone with abundance of joy, happiness and prosperity.
This was the family dinner yesterday. It isn't eating out anymore. It's home steamboat this year. It was so good okay. Of course, again, just like any other years, it's the alcohol again. Cheers!

A typical Chinese New Year has to start with eating lobak gou. It doesn't feel CNY if you don't eat it.

Apparently, this is the family's secret recipe that I didn't know about.

Then, the family lunch. Amazing.

Of course, a typical family will have this question of "when, what, why?" Thank God, mine isn't that. Others, good luck to you.

The first prosperity toss I had just a day before the eve of CNY. Many more to come aye? The higher you toss, the better, the more prosperous, the more happiness, and everything will be better.

As what the culture believes, there are so many things that the old folks follow with the forbidden things e.g. not to wash hair, not to sweep floor, clean stuff, wipe, and I don't even know what else. At this time of age, I don't think all those are important anymore. If you believe, it will happen. Simple as that.

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