Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh My Ass

Oh I realized I haven't blogged about this.

Late last year, it was such a beautiful evening, I finished work, ready to have a great evening with Kyliie, nice, pleasant and quiet dinner with coffee. As I was driving towards KDU (where I need to pick Kyliie up), just out of the blue, I had a knock from behind, I mean, a bang.

If it wasn't too bad, I don't mind letting her go. But, it was bad. The bumper dented in. There's no way I am letting the woman go. Stupid woman.

Then, there's some dude, told us to go down so we don't hold up the traffic. I went, waited for this woman, 2 hours. 2 hours I can already go to the airport, back to KL twice.

After all the drama that happened, we went to the police station. Yada yada ... it is indeed frustrating, my whole night was ruined.

Thank you to the woman who banged my car, I truly appreciate it as you made me involved in an accident, for the first time ever.

Oh, after I have done the reporting, she came in, and she asked the guy how does she fill up the details of the incidental report. Seriously? Are you really that dumb? IF, you do not know how to fill in these kind of details, the most simple details ever, then don't try using your phone while driving. Common sense. After you have banged someone car, human's sense is to apologize. Oh she didn't even apologize in the beginning.

What a screwed up human. She was speaking Mandarin to me in the first place. Of course, I looked at her one kind, and being so annoyed, I went "WHAT?!" only then she switched to English, with some difficulty. The dude who was helping her to fill in the form asked what's her occupation. It's a horror really, she said she's a lecturer. Lecturer, and not a teacher. University students? Really?

Now I know the answer of the young's generation quality deterioration. I have the answer now, right upon my eyes. How can we expect the kids to behave well, to have basic manners, to have all those that you thought all humans should when the lecturers are behaving in such a way, acting so dumb and irritating, right? It's almost game over now, the next generation.

I had to go being all dramatic, I gotta say that if I ever faint, the reason is because I need to go through this sick procedure of an accident rather than having a nice dinner somewhere. STUPID. Then only, she apologized. Annoying species.

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