Friday, May 8, 2015

UK: Lake District, Keswick

Next, after Scotland, we went to Keswick. When we left Scotland, we didn't stop at the border. It wasn't prominent enough and there's no indication if you have already left Scotland. Only when you enter Scotland, a small tomb stone is there.

That's the Lake District. Fun-filled lake. Some water activities you can do.

Or, you can do some picnic, chill out, take your dogs for walk. I'm sure they will be really happy.

There's even a dog-based accommodation. How dog-friendly it is here! I'm so happy for the dogs!

This is Keswick's Market. It's not exactly that near to the Lake District. You can definitely reach by foot. But, it's just a matter of time with the pace you take.

Since there's not much we can do there with just an hour or two, ate the lunch, see and look around and we left. Next stop, Liverpool. Say hi to the furry friends.

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