Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UK: Liverpool, England

After the Lake District, let us all cruise in to Liverpool.
Who don't know Liverpool? Everyone has heard or know about it.

Before the Liverpool Football Club, it's the local rivalry. Football fans should know this. Goodison Park, the homeground for Everton!

Just look across the road, there's the You'll never walk alone club - Liverpool.

It was actually raining when we checked in. We were given time to rest and stuff. It's actually a free evening/night and of all places, we ended up in China Town for dinner. It was raining, I was wet. Gosh, again? Then, we walked at the streets!

This is a very famous club in Liverpool. It was made famous by Beatles! They used to play their gigs here and they debut from here.

It's very stuffy as it's an underground club, just like the clubs I use to go in Swiss. The bands play the Beatles' song there, as well as dress up like them too!

Well, that was the street while walking back to the hotel. It wasn't late, nor was it early. It's summer, the sun doesn't go down like in winter!

 So, here I was back in the hotel with that whatever face.

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