Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 1: Bangkok, Thailand

It was just a day of crapping away in a cafe in Cheras, that this idea came up. Let's go to BKK! Checked the flight ticket and booked! So, we are going to BKK! This was back in November last year. Also, it has been quite awhile we didn't travel with each other, just the two of us. It's a good time to do just this. I've never thought about anything else in my mind. I was so eager to go that I have forgotten my friend's wedding that fell on the same day that I flew out. Oooops~ That being said, another friend that's getting married end of this year had warned me not go leave the country, or outstation. Haha!

Honestly speaking, as sad as this may sound, this is only the second time I am stepping foot into Bangkok. The first was in 1995, and a break of 19 long years, I finally managed the second time. That's a super long gap in between!

This is very cliche, a typical travel photo. The wings, the cloud, and the blue sky from the window seat.

After all the transits and transfer from one form of transportation to another, we finally arrived at the hotel we stayed in. It was such a strategic location nearby Platinum mall haha.

Then, it's time to get going. Let's get out! Oh, managed to pass this stall selling pork and he's like the best seller there. We decided to join in the crowd. Yummy! It was really a hot day. Thank God, it was already the evening.

That was a pit stop. Our intention was actually to go over to Asiatique. We had to take a boat over from Taksin Bridge using BTS. BTS is their train.

Finally, we arrived here at Asiatique. The boat is crowded but it isn't too bad because it's not long. It's a nice windy stroll here. Different types of restaurants, shopping, and also spa is available there. It's a very touristy place really.

The ferris wheel. There were signs of celebrations for the New Year.

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