Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Settle Down

For some reason, after so many years, I still remember what this woman asked me back then, 7-8 years ago. It's not something important but my brain works that way. It remembers every single little detailed thing that's not important. It just came to my mind today, God knows why.

See, we were working in an industry that doesn't give us any social life except for an intoxicated social life, or mamak. Choose one. Back then, partying is how it goes. We don't mamak. It was boring to mamak. Being young, bored, and no daylife, we frequent clubs and bars.

This woman, whom I wasn't close, and still not, asked me if my bf knows I club so often. I just hate it when people say things like that, like as if I have to follow the norm to have a bf like her. C'mon, boring much? It sure was. I asked her what made her think I had one? Her reaction was way too dramatic, "what?! You don't have." Hello, it's not a crime and why must I have one. Irritating.

She told me that I should think of settling down already to have a stable life. OMFG. You gotta be kidding me. I was 23-24. I told her that I don't wanna lead a boring life like her.

She got married months after that, and it amazed me that not long after she got married, heard stories of her cheating on her husband. Ah, this is really amusing. Get married and cheat. So, that's the whole point of getting married I see. It's not for me to say a word, but yeah woman, great advice..

Right after she left, I didn't see, heard about, or talk about her anymore. Well, let's just say, the interest isn't there to know about her amusing life or things that she said.

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