Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farney People

People are so darn freaking funny at times.

People order food, we order. Not like we didn't do it before, in fact we always do it, now and then. It's nothing surprising. Yesterday, he saw that we ordered he asked whose and asked why didn't we ask him as well? Okay now you are being really funny, no? Usually, you don't even come and talk to us, and now you wanna ask why didn't we ask you. Do you think you are I or Z? No way, you are nowhere near them.

Ah .. I replied him .. he didn't ask. He asked me back why didn't we offer. I said that's because you didn't ask. You need to ask to get things, and not people offer. You are not the king of the world, deng. Stop talking so much when you ain't even close, when you can't even stop showing attitude to us. So, do we look like we care haha.

Stop being a loser. It's just McD for God's sake. If you're desperate enough, go and buy after work or ... order yourself? Don't you know people won't offer here unless we are the same kind? We don't bother about another kind. You were not offered because ... it simply means you are a different kind.

Anyway, it's alright, people will offer next time, but definitely not me haha. Remember, I have not much time left there. It feels so good when I know that I will not be seeing you anymore after this, well, you are just one of those that I don't wanna see or keep in contact with. haha. Life is suddenly so beautiful, just with the thought of it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heading To The Ground OST - This Must Be Love


When I pass by you
My heart flutters for the entire day
I alone longed for you
An image of you is always left behind

When I happen to run into you again
I just blankly bow my head
Even when our eyes happen to meet
All I can show is a shy smile

Do you understand now?
Can you understand my heart now?
That love that came silently
Can you, can you hear it?

From the beginning, it was my love
Shining warmly through my cold heart
The love that comes to me, step by step
Although I'm a bit afraid

The love that moved me
Like the rain, the love engulfed my heart
My heart, my heart is already in love
As much as I'm longing for you

Do you understand now?
Can you understand my heart now?
That love that came silently
Can you, can you hear it?

From the beginning, it was my love
Shining warmly through my cold heart
The love that comes to me, step by step
Although I'm a bit afraid

The love that moved me
Like the rain, the love engulfed my heart
My heart, my heart is already in love
As much as I'm longing for you

This must be love


Nan geu dael jinachyeo gal ddaemyeon
Haru jongil gaseumi ddeollyeoyo
Hollo geudae reul geurigo idjyo
Jaggu geudaeran jaguki namayo

Ddo uyeonin deut budichyeo gado
Nanmeongni gogaereul sukyeoyo
Mundeuk geudaewa maju chil ddae do
Sujubeun misoman boyeoyo

Geudae ejeneun al su innayo
Geudae ijeneun nae mam bol su idjyo
Sorido obshi dagaon sarangi
Geudaeneun geudaenen deullinayo

Cheoeumbuteo nae sarangingeolyo
Chagaun naemame ddaseuhi bichujyo
Hangeoreum hangeoreum dagaoneun sarang
Nan jogeumeun duryeojiman

Seollei neun nae sarangingeolyo
Bi odeussarangi naemameul jeok shyeoyo
Nae mami nae mami ijen sarangingeolyo
Geudae geuriunmankeum

Geudae ijenenun al su innayo
Geudae ijeneun nae mam bol su idjyo
Sorido obshi dagaon sarangi
Geudaeneun geudaenen deullinayo

Cheoeumbuteo nae sarangingeolyo
Chagaun naemame ddaseuhi bichujyo
Hangeoreum hangeoreum dagaoneun sarang
Nan jogeumeun duryeobjiman

Seolleinenun nae sarangingeolyo
Bi odeussarangi nae mameul jeokshyeoyo
Naemami naemami jeongmal sarangingeolyo
Geudae geuriunmankeum

I ge sarangingeolyo

Davina's farewell party

Last year, all year round, was filled with farewells. This year, might not be as many because ... we do not have people left working haha, we call it as, critical manning now. One after another, is leaving. Who will be next. When will be next, that is an unanswered question. It's just a matter of time before everyone leaves, considering, oh-you-know-it. It was DW's farewell party there.

This was the place we went, just a bar, a pool area, and it's of course nothing like a club. It was apparently, the launch that day we went. This place actually belongs to our colleague's friend, or something, I just followed, show face haha

The girls, well, consider the one at the end as one too haha ... so here goes, Natsuki, c'est moi, Davina, Primus and ... Razman haha

Looks so comfy huh, like at home haha. Ishak, Razman, Allie, Claudia, Davina, and me

This .. is ... truly girls LOL

Haha kiasu, took the whole road.

And so, it ended. Good Night, time to go home and sleep. I left there, without feeling anything. Super sober, super conscious. Before I went, Fufu told me there are a lot of hawt guys, and it's United Nations haha. I went there, with a little expectations, because coming from him. When I actually stepped foot there, I thought I was in the wrong place, because the ones I saw were some old men, so unhawt, so uncool, some ah peks, and that was ... all? That is uber disappointing, none of them are hawt. Maybe that's the reason I feel so lazy to do anything, I was sitting there the whole night, without moving an inch, well, maybe an inch is the most I moved, haha. :P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Dream

Ah, I slept at 3am, now at 7am, I'm up.

I wonder, do dreams actually tell you something? Do dreams actually mean anything in the first place. I heard too, that dreams could tell the future?

Does your dream last night tells you something that is happening to your life right now, or is it gonna happen. What does your dream interpreted in real life.

I have friends telling me, that the exact things happen in real life, like deja vu, for what they had dreamt of. Sometimes, it doesn't make sense. Sometimes, dreams help you remember things that happened the previous day. Sometimes, when you think too much on your waking life, it happens in the dreams. And at other times, it might be that you're afraid of something, you brought together your fear into your dream, example, after watching a horror flick. So maybe, now you know why I hate watching horror, as much as people love comedy film, in the contrary. In the other hand, stress, yea ... when I feel I'm stressed up, I bring it to the dream too. Behind all the facts in a dream are all speculations and nothing is really proven, especially, the ones that mean the future.

Personally, I hate dreaming, I hate it a lot, yes I meant, a lottt. I used to dream when I was young, the same old dream, over and over again. It went on for a few years and it wasn't a pleasant one. I guess it's the fear, of course on and off, and I became insane. The dream was held in a very disgusting dark dodgy underground, when whole family was practically running away from this murderer, who was all in black, but his face were just uber gross, very fugly. I could see those water dripping from the place. The murderer's clothes were all torn, he's big and I was just scared. We were running, as fast as we could, trapped in that face. Did I just watch too much X-files. But, no I don't think so. He was having a ninja knife with him, with blood stains, fresh blood falling out from the knife. It kept on repeating, now and then, and I was so afraid that I didn't dare to move, not knowing if it's real or not. Whatever happened in the dream was so so real.

Yesterday, something unpleasant happened again. It wasn't as vivid as the one I had years ago. I dreamed I got robbed, with my working uniform. Speaking of which, it really does not make sense. I will not leave the hotel with my uniform. I will not be walking in an unknown dark place, after suspecting he's a evil person. Of all things, he thought I was holding something valuable in my uniform, he digged my pocket, and I was holding so tight into it like it's the most precious thing for me, but he didn't know what was that. My determination, my will, was great and I suddenly became so strong that I won haha. Right away, I ran back to the hotel, yea, in my uniform. Best part was, it's winter, and the scene was in KL. After running back to the hotel, I went to my manager, and I showed him something the robber wanted to take, my colour pencil liner that I bought from Sasa very long ago o.O How ridiculous can it be. The logic really isn't there but, I woke up with a migraine. Yea, migraine, I so hate it. Now, I am still having it and I could not go back to sleep.

Preferably, I sleep without dreaming and if there is no such thing, preferably I sleep and wake up without remembering any of my dreams.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Punk

I think, I will continue being short hair this year.

However, I am not sure if I will continue with this length, or shorter. Last year, was the year that my hair went superb short, compared to my 25 years of life. I didn't have to go for any trim or cut for the next few months haha. It was short til I could spike it up but before I know, my hair grew long til I could not spike it anymore.

If given a chance, an opportunity, and if I were not in this line, I will go for braid and punk. Haha. I used to like braid a lot, when I was in college. But it died down. However, the punk has not died yet. Damn, I love punk.

Yes, I know, with that superbly long hair, and I got a dramatic cut. Haha. The feeling is so darn nice, though people feel the pain, I don't. I feel it's such a relief, but they in turn, feel the pain I supposed to endure? Because, it's so long, it's so black, and I am not supposed to cut it? Haha, what man. I am planning for something to my hair, but I do not know what.

I think VERY and CHONGMA short hair is really awesome. Haha. Punk ... my love for punk. Aww.... :D if I don't do that these few years, I would not do it anymore, and not anymore, in this lifetime. That is only if I am given an opportunity, if I ever walk out from this industry. I regretted why didn't I meet Vincent before this, like when I was in college. Then I could do something PUNK back then, and I will not regret anymore even if I don't do it now.

I just wonder, how will it turn out. At least, I experience it. At least, I went through a punk stage in my life. HAHA. How I wish if the place I am working for is like the competitor, which starts with the letter T and ends with S. Then they will definitely encourage me doing that. Sigh.

Wait for the news. HAHA.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Students @ Library @ The Curve

It feels like this happened last century, and only now I am blogging this down, even before Dewali, precisely, November the 8th. It was in Library when all of us decided to be a student once again and went to do some study and revision, in The Curve

The night started with 3 pints of beer ... Hoegaarden. Honestly, I am not a fan of beer. But again, I drink it once awhile. Hypothesis ... haha ... we shall test it, which is right.

It's alcohol. Do you feel the blissfulness?

One is Dede, and the other is a unisex, a Snail.

We see, people had been having a good time, socializing ... but we were having even a greater time, isolating from the crowd and enjoyed ourselves

It's the B-52 time, the classic drink of us. Unfortunately, there's no flame whatsoever. The drink is already mixed, dammit. I just don't understand like, why don't people flame this up.

About 2 more beers, well, not pint for sure, I'll die there and then. The last drink of the day is ... Long Island Tea.

Haha .. look at this pic carefully, especially the two pictures at the bottom haha ... open and close eyes :D

Time to say goodbye to reality haha

Ah .. what a day, or shall I say ... night

Let's say, WELCOME to the ghost and vampire :D hahaha =p But I will suggest you to see this picture only at 4 in the morning, when it's all quiet and creepy, with nobody around, you're all alone, then that's the best time

So the result will be ... I cannot go well with beer, I fail in the beer subject badly. I think I shall stick to Liquor or shots ... and I shall pick up a new subject, called, wine.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010

So now everyone's back to work ... in a whole brand new spanking year. Hopefully, things turn out better for those whose year did not turn out that well.

I guess New Year's Eve was for people to really enjoy, go out all the way, party, have fun, with full of energy, with friends, family, a never-ending fun. Countdown.

My New Year's Eve was great. I was working 12 hours, being so stressed-up and I meant SO so stressed, that I was so exhausted in the end of the day. Both of us ended up in Sakae Sushi, our usual place and left at 9 plus, bought 2 cans of beer each, find a nice place to sit, which was on the grass in KLCC park, and started drinking, while watching the colourful magical fountain, haha. Feels so like Disneyland out of a sudden. It was such a shame that even after working there for more than 2 years, we have not done so. Haha. It's never too late.

We see .. those passer-by ... who has endless energy to laugh out, to have a good time, I felt I have used up all my energy ... at work. Haha. We thought of waiting for the fireworks, but I couldn't hold it anymore, I need to sleep so so badly. There goes my New Year celebration. Haha. Better than having the 3rd year working night shift on a New Year's Eve.

So, there goes also ... people, doing and making their resolutions. Let's name the common one. Lose weight, sleep more, pick up a new hobby, go to the gym, spend more time at home, earn more money and etc .. but all these will eventually fade before June.

Mine I should say .. I SHOULD make a resolution of drinking lesser. Haha. But I know, it should not be a resolution at all, because I take it as ... when it happens, it happens, just exactly like how 2009 was. I indeed drank much much lesser in 2009 and it wasn't my resolution, it just happens. That is the reason why my tolerance of alcohol dropped. Haha.

Plus plus .. we ended the year with just beers, and not liquors. Isn't it better? :D

Thank You for the year, 2009!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

It's already the 3rd da of 2010, only am I wishing everyone here, be East or West, North or South, a very Happy New Year. May this year be better in all aspects, be it, health, wealth, career, family and etc. And us, humans, live together harmoniously.

I dyed my hair to violet. Bro came home. Happy CNY.

Au revoir, bruder, he left. Also, the trip to Langkawi was awesome, it was just us, beach, alcohol. The same time, some perverted scum messaged me desperately, not knowing what he wants, we told him to stop messaging him. He got pissed, I didn't care, and was indeed happy he told me he's gonna stop messaging me forever. I was indeeed happy, without him. Few days later, he came begging back, weirdo.

Female Pig FFK-ed us. Promised to come for supper, but didn't turn up, and when we call, he didn't answer. We met Pat. Getting pissed with Mr Pervert again. Nothing new. HG suddenly messaged me to say how much she misses me, after 6 long years, because we do not have any contact details of each other. That pervert continued being oh-so-irritating.

2 people got together officially, after all the dramas. It was all silent and awkward from then. Mrs Thief broke into my locker and stole my CK Into You perfume, together with my hair moisturizer and hair serum. You fella gonna get it back, 10 million times worse. Mr Pervert continued his bullshit

Ex-bf and I played the whole world, and people actually bought my story, without me even trying to convince them is real. They just believed blindly. Haha. That is how I got the title ex-bf for him. I met Mr Random in The Curve that I thought looks like Kelvin. 4 years of burning dramatic and tiring friendship finally ended, that I thought should not begin in the first place. Female Pig, again, is such a pain in the ass.

Mr Random went missing forever. One farney weirdo asked if I provide extra service, damn, it's sexual harassment. My oh so infamous case. haha.

Only waiting for him to leave. Please do. Mr Ban has been so friendly for so long, but only this month I noticed him haha. Dede's birthday, that we celebrated in Cave with Kitt, and she al€so got herself a new tattoo.

Coco Banana, when I saw Mr Random there, that I thought he looks so terrible. We ignored each other, my hobby haha. First time, I encountered a superbly weirdo. First time, went to Zouk but they didnt allow me to enter due to the high rise in H1N1 then, and I cheated to enter haha

Both of them are fated to be siblings in the first place and damn, they are awesome. They love to betray. Thanks yo. My birthday and we celebrated in Quattro after how many months. Again messaging, what he wants

Haroko asked very funnny question, that I still think it's funny hehehe. Mr Pervert resigned for few months now but still as determined as ever. Lalang went missing again

He is so optimistic, still messaging me and has a very thicked skinned. That useless one finally resigned after 7 long months we have not been talking, haha. DW's last day, we went for the launch of Bravo haha. Ban last day, damn, it's saddening. Hope to meet him again one day and he still recognizes me. Syifa's one year death anniversary. One shallow fella ... proved himself right.

Christmas only spent with Potato and Ah Boi, and the initial one was cancelled. Went drinking again, again and again.

That is Year 2009 for me, everything was kewl haha, particularly the end of the year. Happy New YEar