Sunday, January 22, 2006

15-minutes rule?

I was chatting with a guy I know through Multiply yesterday and we were talking about LATENESS as he had read the issues about LATE. It is not that I want to bring this issue up, but he has his points, a good one actually. Yes BigWind, I am talking about you. :)

This is nothing to do with anyone, someone nor somebody whatsoever. Apparently, he has a 15-minutes rule, which means he will only wait for 15 minutes. More than that, he will leave that scene. Same goes to the other party, if he does not turn up in 15 minutes or so, then the other party will proceed to do his or her own things.

Well, I must say that it is very smart of him, as by doing that, he would not feel stupid or dumb just by waiting for people for hours and hours. Probably, I should learn from him yea? Hehe ... :) So ... if that person is late, and I am not there, then it's not my fault anymore even if I am not there hehe ... But, for me to go to PJ, I need to pay 2 bucks ... ewww that's the worst part.

Thank you for sharing. Maybe I will implement this in my lifestyle, apply to those applicable. Well, we will see.


tIcKLeMe said...

oh yea, who is bigwind? he msged me in multiply too and introed himself as ur friend. :\

kyliemc said...

hahha...guess wat?tht 15mins' rule is apllied in coll la...if d lecturer is more than 15mins' late n he didnt inform d class rep,then students will elave d means tht d class is cancelled...hehe...u dunno bout tis rule?

but hv 2 give d other person d benefit of d doubt too..if s/he calls or sms 2 say tht s/he will b a lil bit late,then hv 2 wait a while more...but anyways,tht rule doesnt apply 2 my dad...hahah...he's alwiz late n when he's early we'll b so surprised n laughed at him non stop...

Nyokk said...

Hahaha ... what did BigWind say? Well, dont really know him, just that he reads my blog :o

Kylie, that's why I put "apply to those applicable" haha :D