Thursday, January 26, 2006

Am I blocked?

Him: Is S@kai in your online list now?
She: No ar, why?
Him: Ooh okay, that means she didnt block me, coz she didnt even online in YM
She: Oo yea?
Him: Yup, didnt online since morning
She: Ahh
Him: Phew~ I'm safe

SO afraid of me blocking? Really? Really? Woooo ....
Btw, my nickname is sakai some people do call me that

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Lock you from my list, dont play play, dont provoke me HOHOHO.


tIcKLeMe said...

dont block me k. :(

Nyokk said...

LOL u TKJ sure wont haha

tIcKLeMe said...

wah, so powerful ah my influence. :P

Nyokk said...

sure la TKJ ler .. dont pray pray if not kena kabish sepak punch lagi apa ... blue black and internal injury end up in ICU was 38B