Friday, January 20, 2006

Butter Kaya and Jam

Whoaaa ... after so long that I have not been to a bad jam, I really suffered a whole lot today or was it yesterday? I was on my way back from SS2 to Kepong at 6 something in the evening. I was caught in that ridiculous traffic. Cars could hardly move and what worsened it was .. one car broke down in the middle of the road and the tow truck was in front of it. Both were not moving and as a result all the other cars had to suffer from it.

Wow .. after that, I was at first mentally tired already and it went to physically tired. Thus, I slept from 7 something in the evening to 1 something in the morning ... WELL ... I skipped my dinner but took supper instead. Ahhh~~ I need a cold drink now. Anyone please????


Anonymous said...

dis girl arr. . .i sudah cakap sama lu. . . tunggu rumah i dulu ler. . .sebab jam mer. . .aisey. . .degil ler dis sampat girl :P

angguk angguk geleng geleng saya saya kiri kanan :P

Nyokk said...

Hahahhaha ... if wait at your house, still same ler ... leave at 7 something reach back also 8 ... LOL ... :p

Angguk angguk geleng geleng saya saya kiri kanan hahahahahha

Anonymous said...

bigahahahahahaha!! adois adoiiiss!!! ayuh ayuh. . . mari kita angguk angguk geleng geleng saya saya kiri kanan!! akakaka! oits, murni time! :P

Nyokk said...

LOL ... angguk angguk geleng geleng tunjuk tunjuk iyah iyah saya saya kiri kanan HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA