Saturday, January 28, 2006

Freaking scary

Finally, I have sent my car to service today in Shell station because the EON was so troublesome. They want you to have a registration card, this card, and that card which was terribly troublesom. So, migh as well service in another place.

Two days ago when I went to 1U, my car was making a whole lot of noise. I didnt know what was that and I stopped at the side of the road. I can tell you that I freaked out big time. I got down from the car to check if something is wrong with the car but nothing's wrong. I off the air cond and the noise faded off. When I was going back, everything's seem all right and fine. Hmmph ...

Yesterday was the scariest! It made noise again and I had to switch off the air cond. It was bloody hot and I was suffering there in the car. Body temperature increases 100% hehe. I waited for Nyakk in the car and this time, hot air came out from the car. I drove to commander's place but ... when we were on our way there, I was so scared that something will happen, I was freaked out big time. There's smell, some funny and weird smell. OMG! Then, when I was near the LRT station, a guy at the lorry's passenger seat was pointing and sort of shouting (like I know what was he shouting) at us and the car. I didn't know what was going on. I was scared! Nyakk told everything will be alright .. chillllll ~~~

Well, after that we decided to take Kancil instead because there's a big risk if we were to take my car. When we came back, Nyakk's dad checked my car and he said my car is alright. It's only the air cond. Pheww~~

It's freaking scary okay. If this things happen, I have much thoughts going in my mind. What if this and what if that. I am glad that everything's fine now. Thank God!

Now, car has been serviced but ... air cond is not fixed.

~Balik Kampung~