Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's gone? I can't believe it

I consider that dancing is already part of me, no matter where am I, what I do, who am I with it does not matter. Most importantly, I continue to love dancing and this passion of mine have never faded, never did, never will. I have gained a lot through dancing, and it cannot be explained in words. Those experience can never be gained with money. It's too precious and I do appreciate those moment that I had from the age of 16+ til today. Without dancing, I do not know where am I now. No matter what, I will attend classes, be it I'm sick, exams, assignments, meetings or no transport. I will get my way to dance class. But I guess that would not be possible any longer.

Today, is the worst moment that I have in my 21 years of life. It's the most tragic news that I heard in the past 21 years. I asked Natalie via SMS ... what happened to the dance class. Do you know what did she tell me? She said that the dance studio is going to close after CNY! Do you know how depress was I when I heard that tragic news? I was too shock to say anything. Prolly I'm exaggerating, but the thoughts of it is really depressing. I do not know where can I rely on for dance anymore. What I'm very unhappy about is why didn't she inform me that there's Jazz class every Monday. It's going on without my knowledge. Well, I'm aware that there's going to be a Jazz class but she did not inform me when is it going to start. I told her to call me. She can even ask me why didn't I go for class. What is this, MAN!!

I can tell you that dancing is like a pill to me, I am addicted to dance. This news have really hit me on my face. Even until now [a few hours after that news was broken to me], I still could not believe my eyes that it is going to close down. WHY???? Tell me .. WHYYY???? How am I going to survive? Okay, I have not been going to class for the past few months, maybe you will think that it is not going to do any difference even though I do not go now as I have survived for the past few months. The feeling is different when you know that there's no class I can go to in the future. In the past few months, I felt something is missing, something that I want but I can't do is kinda torturing and believe me, when I said it is torturing, I mean it as torturing. I do not know where can I go to? I am so down, so low. This is one of the hardest moment that I have to face. I hope that I will find a good studio in the future, and not those unreliable studios that do not have good instructors. I'm missing Jane, Cutiepie, Hottiepie!!! Boooohooooo!!!!! I miss those times, those moment!! I want ... but the fact is I can't have it anymore. It's very saddening.

Although these pics are not my class and I googled them, but these pics remind me of those "moments"

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A really nice pic ...

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It would be nice if I have the opportunity to dance like them in the future

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This is typical me ... the Hip-Hop style ... I learn Freestyle Funk changed to Hip-Hop .. but now ... aiii ... so sad

It's a sad sad day in a sad sad world


Anonymous said...

babe. . .sabar ler. . .hmmm. . .its ok k?. . .try to keep in touch wit jane cos maybe u never noe there will be a better danz class? dont give up on ur dreams babe! dis is not the end for both u n me! hohoho! wednesday - mau? waiting! much love - nyakk ;o)

Nyokk said...

No choice edi but to find other classes ... Aiii .. Jane is so busy .. busy and busy ... she only does shows now, no more teaching ...

Wednesday ... haha ... hope so ler ... all depends on you