Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not another one ...

Oh My ... not another one ...

I do not where he got my ID and added me. Whatever it is, he was looking for me high and low as I did not reply him each time he messaged me. It's either I did not have the mood to do so, or simply because I was not in front of my lappie, which I named it as AceBob. Erm ... actually I just thought of that name few minutes ago hehe.

Finally, he got me online and this time, I replied him. Hmm ... I did not where he was from at first but looks like he was from Perancis and working here, KL. He wanted to see me on cam, in which I don't agree because I do not know who he is, and what will happen if he capture my pictures. Later on, he wanted my pics. I told him that, the furthest I could go was only on display, but definitely sending him my pics is not possible. After pictures, it is followed by numbers. He was actually kind of forcing me to give, but obviously I DONT agree because I don't know who the devil he is.

Actually, he asked for my number after he said "Hi" which I think is quite ridicullous. I don't simply give out my numbers, more so to a total stranger. Pffftttt!!! After I refuse his the cam request, he accuse me of having a mindset of a 12 year old. Goodness! What devil is this. Oh man, I do not know if he is the one who has that mindset or me. I supposed that's him. Remember, one finger pointing at others, three fingers pointing back at you. Remember!

I do not think he is that young either. Minimum age for him I supposed would be at least in his mid 30s. HAH!

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