Friday, January 20, 2006

Royale Bintang

Today, FINALLY ... I have decided to go over to Royale Bintang to ask for vacancy. Well, since that I intend and desire of wanting to further, then I have to work, at least for a couple of months. Regarding that education part, I have not talked to anyone yet. I hope it will come true, that's it. So ... before saying anything, I have to at least be good and start working and earn a little bit of pocket money first, don't you think so? Hehe ...

As I went to HR ... I saw a guy and I am quite sure that he's a DPC student in KDU. If I am not mistaken, he is from Dip 7 as well, but I do not know his name. Oftenly, see him in Cafe 87 back in our semester 4. Location wise ... Royale Bintang is the perfect place to work, very nearby.

There are vacancies for F&B - waiters and waitresses, Junior Secretary for Housekeeping and in Finance Department. Haha FInance, I call that the stress group hehe ...

Oh well, just hope that I'll get it.

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jovi69 said...

what.. ROyale Bintang???
i am a X staff there..
if u need more explaination on this hotel.. i could help..

my msn