Friday, February 3, 2006

Di Yi Chi - First Time

This is sang by Guang Liang title Di Yi Chi or First time. I don't know the meaning until I read the translation hehe. Very nice, meaningful and touching song. I've put the link to the site, just click on the main title.

Dang ni kan zhe wo Wo mei you kai kou
Yi bei ni cai tou Hai shi mei ba wo
Hai shi mei you fu he Ni de yao qiu

Shi wo zi ji xiang de tai duo Hai shi ni ye zai shan duo
Ru guo zhen de xuan ze shi wo Wo gu qi yong qi qu jie shou
Bu zhi bu jue rang shi xian kai shi shan shuo

O Di yi ci wo Shuo ai ni de shi hou
Hu xi nan guo Xin bu ting de chan dou
O Di yi ci wo Qian qi ni de shuang shou
Shi qu fang xiang Bu zhi gai wang na'er zou
Na shi yi qi xiang ai de li you
Na shi yi qi si shou (dui wo)

O Di yi ci wen Ni shen shen de jiu wo
Xiang yao qing xing que chong hun le tou
O Di yi ci ni Tang zai wo de xiong kou
Er shi si xiao shi mei you fen kai guo
Na shi di yi ci zhi dao Tian chang di jiu

Gan jue ni shu yu wo Gan jue ni de yan mou
Di yi ci jiu jue ding Jue bu hui cuo


When you look at me, I haven't opened my mouth
You've already figured out, I'm still not certain
I still haven't filled your requests

Is it that I'm thinking too much, or that you are also avoiding?
If you've really chosen me, I'll muster up the courage to accept
Unwittingly, my line of sight has begun to become evasive

Oh, the first time I said I loved you
Breathing was hard, my heart wouldn't stop trembling
Oh, the first time I held your two hands
I lost my way, didn't know where I was walking
That's the reason for us to be in love
That's the two of us protecting each other (to me)

Oh, the first time I kissed your deep dimples
I wanted to be sober, but I became giddy
Oh, the first time you laid down on my chest
We didn't part for 24 hours
That was the first time I knew what "everlasting and unchanging" meant

I feel that you are a part of me, I feel your pupils
It's the first time deciding, it can't be wrong

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