Friday, February 17, 2006

Dont be lazy ...

I admit that I am being very lazy lately. I have not been doing my stomach exercise for quite some time already. That shows how lazy am I. I am just not determine to stick at it once I get it started. It's always the case, I will be freaking hardworking for one moment, and the next moment, I will be the laziest one alive.

Yeah, it's only these few days that I have started doing it again. What got me going? Well, it's very easy. Either, watch MTVs that can really make me go ... or good music. It's a matter of I want to do it or I don't. Performers with nice body get me motivated, especially the abs bwahahahha. It can just make me drool non stop hehe, with their superbly abs. Oh man, wish I can have that.

Too bad I can't. I need to work for it haha but then ... me being me and I know myself well ... only IF I am hardworking. I've been eating supper non-stop, snacks from the time I sit in front of the pc til the time I sleep, I'll be munching away. I finished so many tins and bottles of CNY treats and it's not finished yet. Seriously, there's a lot. Oh man! I am not afraid of gaining weight for now, but I want to be tonned. Ooh ... I am dreaming haha

I used to do it at least ... at least ... once a week. That's considered bad but then back then I attend Jane's class so it's a MUST to do. But her advie was ... do it on alternate days but rest during the weekends. Basically, her theory is .... 3 times per week is good enough. SOmetimes I hope to be discipline but I just couldnt do it. I'm such a lazy arse.

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