Thursday, February 2, 2006

Friendster oh Friendster

Haha ... I rejected 9 friend requests today in Friendster. I have been keeping them for quite some time already and since they don't even bother to send a message then .. goodbye. They viewed and they send requests. What the heck is this.

In a matter of fact, I don't simply add people in Friendster. If I DONT know who that person is, then it's goodbye to that person. And ... even IF one is in my list and I have no idea who are you, then it's also GOODBYE. Of course I know that I do keep people whom I have no idea who, consider those lucky. But, one fine day, they'll be gone as well.

I find that many people in Friendster are THAT pathetic. Recently, I received a message from who the devil is, I dont wish to know.

Subject: Hi
Message: MSN plz

So ... can anyone get what does he meant by that? Seriously, I DONT simply give out my MSN ID for goodness sake. I dont even know who the heck is this person. WHY must I give out my ID, true? I told him that and he replied me this "any question u want d ask ,im a normal ppl like streat ,so tats why just ask from u ."
It is not that I want to know him, I dont intend to know him either. I'm simply not interested. He wants to know me, I'm not willing to either.
It's such a turn-off. Goodness! I'm not THAT pathethic okay.


letti said...

ugh. The one that I REALLY hate is "hello, asl" Grrrrr.

Nyokk said...

Hahahaha ... yeah even in Yahoo, they are still using ASL ... my goodness :s

kyliemc said...

hahah...when they ask whether they can b ur fren coz they think tht u r pretty...crazee fellas...haha..dun need them

Nyokk said...

LOL ... I have no idea why they want to send the message in the first place. I dont have anything HAHA :p They are so sad!