Sunday, February 5, 2006

Got conned

Have you ever felt that you have been conned? Been robbed? ... in a eateries centre that is.

I went for dinner at this place in Kepong, no idea what is the name of that place. For those who live in Kepong or those who frequent this area, please do not go there if you do not wish to be conned left right centre.

Let me share the experiece.

We sat down and one of the staff was cleaning the table beside us. He did not bother to serve [fail]. When the boss came [she's the only one taking down the orders], my dad ordered. [ok]
We ordered fish head curry.
The food came long after that.[fail] She [boss] only has 2 cooks and 1 worker so it took ages -_- It looks so bloody unappetizing. [fail]I lost my appetite straight away.
The taste? It was NOT fresh at all. Moreover, the taste was freaking weird. It was simply awful[fail]
Size? Very small [fail]
Price? Cut throat ... it costs 20 bucks for that freaking small dish [fail]
After my dad complained, that bugger can even say that it's fresh because so many customer had ordered and nobody complained it. What the heck? She's so freaking rude!! [fail]

So, basically everything failed from A-Z. I would never return there, EVER AGAIN. In my lifetime, NEVER! It's a boycott for lifetime.

Location: It is located in Kepong, Metro Prima behind of KFC, Pizza which is in Kepong Baru near Jaya Jusco. It is a open place, located exactly opposite of Restoran Asraf.

If you do not wish to be conned and see that freaking rude old lady, then DONT go. If you wish to get "robbed" by her plus an unsatisfying meal as well as doing some charity, then by all means go ahead.
That shop is going to close down due to bangruptcy [erm how do I spell it]

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