Monday, February 27, 2006

A norm?

Is telling people that you have a bf or bfs (yes, plural) even though you don't, is considered a norm now? I mean, this is ridiculous if you ask me.

Heck, if you dont have then just tell that you dont. Geez, these people, are they out of their mind?

Ooh ... I think many of them can be drama queens, compete with each other in Grammy Awards, see people believe which of them the most. Puh-leeezzzz ...

Is it really that nice? I wonder ... I'm normal, so I don't know what are they thinking about. Or probably they think that it's "cool" to have an imaginary boyfriend or rather a guy they know. In a matter of fact, they have not been together at all. But ... these girls just tell people as though they are THAT close to each other when they DONT even know that guy well. Maybe it's just some ... classmates' friend's brother's girlfriend's friend and they go telling everyone that is their bf. That's sad, isn't it?

Oh my ... maybe that's a whole lot of new generation. I feel left behind HAHA. Hmm ... I just have to admit that now ... I'm the last generation hahaha because I don't have a fake bf. haha ... Omigod!

Aiyoo people wake up ... it's not cool to tell people that somebody is your bf when they aren't. What's the big deal of not having one? Perhaps, they are just in their own world.

Happy Birthday Zoe, may your dreams come true, be happy, smile always, get prettier and prettier :)


Porkie said...

talking about tat other fella ah?

Zoe said...

thank you elle! you're so sweet!

by the way, those people who doing that are a bit.. unique. haha.

Nyokk said...

onii: hehe ya the other smelly fella ahahha and the one got tapao-ed :p

zoe: hahahha yeah very unique indeed :D :D blog bout how you celebrate your birthday okies :D

letti said...

if i even THOUGHT about a boyfriend when i was growing up, my very strict father would go ballistic.. when I went off to the university, however, that was a whole different story..hehehehe

Nyokk said...

hahahha ... wow just a thought haha. LOL ... it's freedom in Uni heh? hahaha