Friday, February 3, 2006

Not her again!!

Hmm ... AceBob got stike by sickness. Btw, if you are wondering who AceBob is ... it is my lappie :p hmm, it's not funny ok :p hehe. Why AceBob? I'm using Acer and suddenly Bob came to my mind at that time ... so Acer + Bob = AceBob. It is not AcerBob because it sounds kinda weird.

I wanted to restart AceBon that time and it just could not enter Windows no matter what I do. I reformatted and everything's gone. This is kind of emergency and oh well, I could not back up those files.

Ooh btw, I went to Blook today, and to my horror, I saw two gurls went in before me and Nyak and Daazzzzz. However, I did not notice them until when we entered. I mean, the Blook in Hartamas is very small so ... hmm even though I am sleepy, I could recognize. At first did not really see her, it is only when I saw the side view then alright it's her, my ex-classmate many many years ago in which I don't want to know her and it's either mine or her bad luck to bump into her. I do not know if I'm fated to bump into her because few months back, I bumped into her as well, in 1 Utama. Oh well ..

Since she's blind, I don't think she even notices me. As you know, when shopping freak enters a boutique or place with clothes, their eyes is mainly on the clothes and nowhere else.
Honestly speaking, I don't consider those as my friends. Never did, never will and to me, they are just pretentious kind of people. They don't deserve I was fooled by these people who only wants their amount of friends in Friendster to be increased. I have no idea why my ex-classmates are THAT lame, what's the difference between them and those sickos? Yeah, even though we met each other years later after primary, we did not even say hi or talk to each other. So, yeah I dont like these people and they can just nyok off from my life. I don't need them as they are rubbish. If she does not want to talk, then let's be it. Don't pretend and be a hypocrite and send a message asking "yeah how are you doing" and pretending to be so friendly to me when deep down, they aren't. I might be wrong but who cares

What's the use of adding up people in your list? Want to be famous? Want to be popular? Want to show the whole world that you have lotsa friends and that everyone loves you? Common, face it, you aren't a nice person to me. I don't care what others think but most importantly, I look down on you because of that sucky attitude of yours. That's the end, goodbye, I don't find any difference in you compared with those pathetic losers. Don't think you are damn HOT damn gorgeous, coz I don't find you even pretty, but just a plain and simple Ah Lian. What's so nice of being an attention whore? SHortie Ah LIan muahahhaha. You are short.

I don't care if she's reading this, do I even care? I don't give a damn.

Si KEtot Ah Lian.

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