Thursday, March 2, 2006

30 bloody cents

A couple of days ago, I was deadly tired and sleepy, so I went to bed pretty early. What I meant as early was ... 5pm!!!! Imagine that!! I went to bed at 5. Can you actually believe that? I can't haha. Anyhow, I skipped my dinner and took supper instead. Oh btw, I woke up around 2am.

Since AceBob is just beside me, I received so many MSN messages talking about fuel prices can be compared to Thai now. And so I wonder, and wonder. Later on, I refreshed MYB's page and everyone was cursing their lungs out regarding the increment of the fuel rate.

Oh well, it's already in Bernama. Thus I guess it's final. The price increased 30 cents for both petrol and diesel. This will definitely be followed by the prices of so many other things like food in restaurant and market, products due to transportation costs. In a matter of fact, the people is the one who needs to bear with this.

Oh well, according to the history, it is said that the rates are not to be increased anymore and see what had happened? Otherwise happened. I would say that every single person ain't happy about it. Ooh and they can say that it's for the people's benefits. Let's see and I don't expect anything at all because I know that it will go to the waste.

I'm damn pissed. Bugger! You know how much for a full tank now? A freaking 65 bucks and it used to be 40 bucks!! shit them! If it's use for the people then cool, but what they use it for? Build something stupid that nobody would use it. It's so absurd.


Anonymous said...

babe, chill. . . aihss. . .no choice ler i guesss. . .but seriously, i think its very silly of em to raise the price up. . .n just when im gonna get a car soon, i gotta pay extra for petrol . . .now i really gotta think wat car to buy. . . habisss. . . sampat punyer govt. . . -_-"

Nyokk said...

ya ler, if use for something useful for us, then okie ler, but they use it to plan flowers la, build things jst for decoration sake ... for what -_-

Anonymous said...

bodohss. . .plant flowers. . . -_-"". . .dem da lamest answer ever. . .reminds me da times when my skool wanna kutip duit for the dewan. . .they end up using em for landscape n waterfall. . . -_-""

Nyokk said...

yeah exactly, that's so sad. yeah anything for the people, yea right.