Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Hilarious movie

I have watched Fun with Dick and Jane yesterday at MidValley with commander and KYLIE :D Why the capital letter? Because she was Kylie yesterday, other days she would be Potato and etc etc. The show? Hmm .. although it doesn't have a good review, but I pretty much like it. With Jim Carrey there, expect it to be hilarious. We laughed non-stop okies. It's THAT funny. A recommended movie to have a good laugh.

Before that, we ate pizza and Alzier joined the three of us. We have not met each other at all, so I sort of told him that look at me in real person, I don't look like a kiddo and that I am definitely shy, quiet and reserved. But, why doesn't he believe me? WHY????? I am not sampat. Thank you so da very much. Nevermind, for the sake of Potato's birthday, I can sacrifice haha.

We met up for supper again, this time with Kerry. For the first time in history, the temperature where we were sitting was so freaking hot until I sweat. But then, Kylie was very HAWT! That was what she said hehe.


kyliemc said...

whoa..u dun hv 2 bully me in ur blog...gee,but anyways,thanx 2 u n quack..hehe...really...tahnx 4 celebrating my b'day wif me... =>

haha...jim carrey's poses..yoohoo..looks like u..hahah

Nyokk said...

Hahahha happy birthday, sorry ar im not related to jim carrey, he's a clown im not hahha

kyliemc said...

haha...okok..u r his student...hehe ;P

Nyokk said...

no wor .. i think you are attached to him