Monday, March 6, 2006

PART I : Gunung Nuang Trip

I am back, finally with pain muscle, pain toes and nails, nothing major at all. I still can walk today, I mean I feel the pain but nothing serious at all, which is quite strange. I thought that I will be in deep pain, but no, not really. I think that I feel even worse in dance class.

Gong Gong supposed to fetch me at 7am sharp but he came at 7.20am having problems with the car. Steven met with an accident at 3am the same morning. 2 cars are not working. Had to wait for ex-papa to come to pick us up in Setapak.

We started walking, walk and walk. Patato and Pali Pali so da terror, dunno what stamina they have. -_- But, I walked as usual hehe, resting here and there but I still felt the pain at my ankle from the previous day when the trolley knocked into me :s adoi damn pain okies, with the others (Lulu, Lolo, Bunny), sometimes left alone, it's afternoon anyway. But then, I did what Claud asked me to do :) So I think it's alright. Luckily, I don't take those I watched on tv and movies into reality. Be cool be calm.

We reached to a camp site where we can see waterfall and have to wait for ex-papa and gong gong to reach. Somehow Mama reached first, I thought that they are together. I was tired obviously but suddenly a stupid bee stung me. Shit that bee! I was in deep pain. Very very damn bloody pain. I have nothing to apply but Lolo gave me Tiger Balm, at least it's better than nothing. Later on, I slept on the ground hehe waiting for them.

We continued our journey to Lolo camp. It's just half an hour away. On our way we saw ... fomally orang asli's shelter. My gang wei hehe. Then up and up and up, finally we reached!!! Omg! We reached!! Finally phew!

Aaron and Steven came up later in the evening.

Here are some pics

Image hosting by Photobucket
Our first group pix before going up ... but then Gong Gong didnt manage to get in

Image hosting by Photobucket
I was walking but then rest time hehe

Image hosting by Photobucket
Orang asli's shelter (formally) but now it's empty

Image hosting by Photobucket
A chain?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Gong Gong setting up a camp

Image hosting by Photobucket
Lulu for Camp 2

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ex-papa Camp 3


Anonymous said...

kesian nyok. . .kena stung by bee. . .adoiisss. . .take care ler woman. . .wah. . ur ppl punyer tempat! got chain summore? eh? bighahhaa! the pix are great! post more! :D

Nyokk said...

got 202 pics ler ... cant post all hahaha :p

Zoe said...

wah so brave!! you went ar!! *salute*

post some nice pic la~ hehe no need post all.. just some will do. or after you done up your multiply photo album, then we can go see see lor. hehe

Nyokk said...

hahaha zoe, no leh ... ur potato even bravier ... hehe ... she walked so fast, dunno what stamina she has :S adoi ... went up to the peak some more hahahha

ok ok can there will be part 2 coming up hahahah :D

Porkie said...

sampatato stamina so much potato got plenty of carbs stored.. endless energy there xoD

gong gong and ex-papa..err.. you know ah? xoD

Nyokk said...

hahahah oh ya hor potato gives energy hehe :p

gong gong and ex-papa hahaha :p

kyliemc said... didnt eat potato's coz i'm afraid of d heights keep on going so tht i wont stuck in d middle of nowhere n so high up...gosh......

haha...ok la,i small piece of curry potato tht gong gong gave me after we had set up our was after d climb..haha..dunno wat reward was tht... =P

Nyokk said...

hhahahha better than nothing mar, but then you proved to yourself you can do it, it's better than anything else :D and you even overcame your fears :)

wkhai said...

salutes to patato!!! really surprised everybody going up AND coming down... she made history that day too :P

Nyokk said...

Nobody would break her record hehe

kyliemc said...

hahhaha..yaya...history-maker,huh?hahha....every1 is laughing bout it including my frens...hahaha....

seriously,me also couldnt believe it at 1st..hahha

Nyokk said...

ohhh kylie, you are the history maker huh? Ok Ok I see :p hehe