Tuesday, March 7, 2006

PART II : Gunung Nuang Trip

*continue from PART I*

After we reached and after they set up the camp, we went to the waterfall to bathe ... wah seh so damn bloody cold, followed by dinner. WHat'd for dinner? What else if it's not Maggie? Everyone's the same, instant noodles.

Actually I felt very tired even before dinner and wanted to sleep but don't think I can sleep before dinner so I rested for few minutes. Hehe Kylie with her Maggie cooking skills, she cooked for me wei. Awwww .... sooo gooood :D But who knows that when I was inside the tent, she thought that I was Kerry instead. OMG! How can this happen? Mistaken me as her own sister. Adoi totally no comment.

After dinner and me being a lazy bum, I went to sleep. Yes I know I'm a bum. Lulu in the other hand was setting up the campfire. Eh not so lulu afterall.

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Potato and her cooking skill

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Pali Pali posing before going into the tent ... gaya siut

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Lulu setting up the campfire

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Gong gong all ready to cook

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Me squatting down to eat

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WHile this is ex-papa becoming DBGN - Dewan Bandaraya Gunung Nuang hehe

Stay tune...


kyliemc said...

hehe..was d maggie nice?hahha...felt so touched leh...besides my sis,u r d 1st 2 taste my cooking skills wor..even my parents dun hv d chance...

Nyokk said...

Whoaaa really ar? REally touch worrrr .... booohoooooooo

wkhai said...

yeah.. better feel touched, it's her first attempt cooking with camping gas-stove... er... how much water to put ar? :P

aiseh... sakai lar lu... ppl collecting rubbish also take picture :S

Nyokk said...

Who ask you to stand in front of me haha

kylielimmc said...

haha...aiseh...coz it was d 1st time i cook using a mesh tin ma...hahha

Nyokk said...

hahaaha.... ya lor,nvm arrr he buwee u i sepak him :p