Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ciao Italia

Yay! Finally after all those chaos that happened, finally it's time to head back home. I miss Switzerland, I miss IMI though it's a place for insane people haha. But, I'm not :)

We took Easyjet back to Geneve airport. Then, from there, we took the train back to Luzern, and from Luzern we took our school bus 21. haha .. well we call that school bus coz at times it's just filled with IMI students.

It's so potong stim okie .. well he wanted to torture my Quackkk =.=

This one he wanted to bite ... nooooo!! =.=

We were already on the train that time ... I woke up due to the noise pollution. It was full with small kids -_-

IMI, we are back :D

Talking about train, I went to Geneve last weeek. I dunno what happened to the system seriously. As I went for interview, which luckily he did not fix an appointed time, the timing of the train was screwed up. I took a train to Olten at first and that train was delayed for a bloody 15-20 minutes!! Thus, the train in Biel has already gone. Therefore, I have to change the train in Lausanne. Omg!! Finally I reached there at 6 plus, after 4 hours of train. Well, when I was coming back, I thought it's all fine by then. Who knows I was wrong. Galih checked for me the time of the train and I'll reach at 12.07am in Luzern. It's not a direct train, but I just have to change once. Who knows I waited and waited, and no, the train was cancelled. I'm like .. what???? Okie, then I took the next train which I stopped at Bern and later to Olten and finally back to Luzern. You know what time was that? 1.14am, my dear! It's 8 hours travelling time!!! Swiss is always punctual ... but what the heck happened? I sat until migraine :S If you see the map, you will just faint straight away.
Oh btw, when I was on the way back from Geneve to Bern, there's this guy who passed by me and smiled like some insane nut case. He's that insane okie. I did not smile back coz I'm not insane. Then, who knows when I went to the next train which heads to Olten, he came. I sat down first and when he was walking passed me, he stopped, stare cock and smile for quite a few seconds. Siao ar? Ai ba! I dunno where is he from, Indian dunno from where. Doesn't look like North Indian at all, either South India or Malaysian? :o :o After we reached Olten, I turned left and ciaoooo. :D


letti said...

very nice pictures, you guys. looks like you had so much fun :)

Nyokk said...

yeeah we had fun, lotsa fun :)

SOn said...

hahaa everytime i read ur blog u r like an artist traveling around the world. home sweet home!! although not really...

Nyokk said...

hahaha why an artist? well .. home sweet home .. currently ... definitely!