Sunday, December 17, 2006

Graduation I

Date: 13 December 2006
Place: Luzern

This is a very big day for everyone in IMI as it was our Graduation Day. Yeah BA 06 ... we are done, FINALLY! After months of torture, with overloaded assignments ... this is the day we all are looking for. Cherish it, treasure it, it's once in a lifetime.

Oh Swiss .. after pic was taken by the official photographer, we took ourselves ;)

Rieko and Jacqueline :)

Mickey Mouse gila :D

Datuk and Imelda :D my HS classmates haha

Front Row [L-R]: Giant Purnama, Weiss Porc [woah bahagianya with Galih], Winnie, Imelda, Yu Wen, me
Back Row: Mickey Mouse Gila and Datuk

Nancy and Yu Wen

Sirinya ... continuing Masters :S

Dua anak malai [2 Msian kids] haha ... I know it supposed to be anak Msia .. but anak malai sounds cuter haha ... Galih, Uncle and Mickey always say anak malai haha


erlynda said...

nyokk~ congratulations on your graduation~!!!

Nyokk said...

thanks ya girl ;)