Monday, December 18, 2006

Graduation III

Graduation pics still ..

After the ceremony is over ... we continued taking pix .. and a quick one

Pen Peng ... :D from Thailand CIMI student

Koy from Thailand ... Arm's gf

Ivan .. from Indonesia .. Higher Dip ... dunno why he has to close his eyes ... yeay he's the king of chess .. he won it during sports day .. my german classmate :D

I just dont like wearing that hat -_-

Sasha or known as Gal ... last time she intro herself as Gal to me ... then later on she intro to people as Sasha :o but I heard Thai people calling her Gal :S

Then, we came back to school ... suffering ... all complaining hungry hiu mak mak :( and sleepy nuang mak mak. Just after we reached back, I returned the gown and stuff, went to find Galih and went for the lunch. Plus, while lining up, took pic again since cam was with me

With Gift

kartoshe :D Higher Dip culinary student .. my German classmate as well

Yee ha ... this guy :s with his trademark haha .. damn cute

Amelia ... she looks so different here ... gone for Europe tour with parents :o so nice

Finally ... Mickey and Nancy ... it was actually right before we entered but I forgot to post this up...

After all those pics ... we ate .. buffet style but cant eat in the dining hall, those are for parents ... so pathetically eat outside haha and suddenly Frau Schmidlin said she wants to see me in 5 mins. 5 mins later she came .. tapping my back :S and wanted to borrow my German book :S coz I wrote vocabs she taught in class in a book :o rupanya ini ... :S

After that, went back to my rooom ... fainted ... coz too tired haha ... and that's the end of my graudation ... yeshhh we are done congrats everyone ni jai duai na


Daniel said...

hihi. why u dont have the hat? only postgrads get the hat ar?

in melbourne uni, only post grads get the hat. so when i graduate next year, i cannot throw it into the air. :(

Nyokk said...

hahhaha i got it, i threw it :p i dont like the hat. Everyone got it, but it's really lose :S