Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's time to say goodbye

Right after graduation, let's prepare to say goodbye to them ... one by one wherever they are going, either back to their home country, or to their training places which is either around Switzerland or overseas.

Mickey Mouse, was the first one that I know who left. He left the school on Thursday, 14th December @ 4pm back to Indonesia for good. But, his flight was on Friday @ 12pm. So, he stayed overnight in Zurich.

Giant Purnama, was the next one who left, right after Mickey. They were supposed to leave together, but being a very metrosexual guy, you know I know. He left lie 1 minute later haha, so they met maybe outside. This guy is in Geneve now, my beloved neighbour, doing his in-training as a night audit.

Winnie, anak Malaysia. I dont even know when she left, I didnt even see her since graduation lunch. Yea, it's that bad. So, I dont know exactly when she left. She's gonna do training in UK for a year. Good luck, Kap ban and we go gin kau okie.

This is my roomie, Roger Federer haha. She left last Saturday to Davos, a place 3 and a half hours from Luzern. If her employer does not pick her up, it's 4 hours. Luckily, the employer did. Davos is a place very very near to Austria. And yes, it's already snowing there. Basically, all the mountains.

I am now using the new version of IE, and I dont know why each time I use IE, I cant blog comfortably. I was uploading pics to myphotoalbum and now, I cant open my firefox, guess I have to restart my pc.

Yu Wen, anak malaysia, left on Sunday @ 11am. She came to my room at 10am to ask if I can follow her to town so I have to drag myself up as I was fast asleep. I was just supposed to help her to carry those stuff to Bahnhft but who knows when the train arrived, then I also went along until at nite only I came back. Yeah, and I ate in Suan Loong, damn nice but sorry no pics, battery went flat.

Ah Boi, anak Malaysia, I dunno what time he left, but he called me from Zurich @ 12 pm I think. He is leaving for England .. if I am not mistaken, it's Hilton. So, see you again in Msia dont know how long from now.

Jojo, left this morning at 6.45 am to Brig as he is gonna train in Belap for only 4 months. Only 4 okay!!!! Dammit! Together with Amy, both of them are training there and mind you, Belap is 5 hours away. It's a real mountain, a ski resort up there. Yeah you have to take dunno how many trains and cable car and bus and finally walk up for 20 minutes. :S With the amount of bag, I dunno how haha.

I bumped into Peng Peng today in Kastanienbaum bus stop. Yah, she is gonna train in a resort here erm .. not really a resort for also 4 months!! Why Hermann didnt send me there??? WHy/??? Tam mai????


tIcKLeMe said...

oh, bye bye semua.

sp, sila kembali. :P

Nyokk said...

yah bye bye all and selamat zuzu zutai to me haha