Friday, December 15, 2006


It's time to say goodbye Italy. So, right after dinner, we headed to the small little airport that Goh told us. Yah he said dont expect any big airport as this is just a very small one. So, without expectation we went there and yeah, it was really .. umm. Anyway, since our flight is early in the morning, there is no point for us to book a nite in the hotel. If not, we have to leave the hotel very very early in the morning.

camping there ... ;)

A candid

Still busy cam-ing around

No evil...

Later on, we got so tired we slept. Poor Jojo .. but anyway ...

Who knows that at 12 or somewhere around there, we got kicked out from the airport because they are closing. I'm like what?!?! Since when airports close :S I mean this is unexpected. :S My gawd, seriously I didnt know an airport close until that day. So, it was only 12am then, they open at 4.30 if I am not mistaken, so it's a bloody 4 and a half hours, which was long.

Since we already got kicked out, we have to find a place to rest. My oh my .. it was cold.

Our bed .. for the four of us

Haha ..beggars

LOL .. nice way of sleeping

These are the pics of the 4 of us ... haha ... pathetic. You know what? We should actually exchange place with the other 5 because all of them have a long term achievement like what Goh said. He knows he is coming to Swiss that's why he stored extra fats -_- okie no comment while for us, we dont have any :S and we were the ones freezing away as we were at a place where the wind blows. Their place has a wall to block :S and I got up at 2 coz it was too freaking cold and went to find toilet. Umm .. surprisingly there is and we hid there for a little while as it was too cold okie. Then, I dunno what time Ah Boi, Jojo and me went to toilet ... again for me and we hid there until almost time's up.

A nice way to bid goodbye to remember, at least this will be remembered for life haha

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