Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mt. Rigi

Here I am ... blogging again, in Geneve. No, it's not my place but Galih. Just for the time being. Oh my gawd ... I didnt know I can manage that bags. But, I took the direct train from Luzern to Geneve, Gleis 5 12.55 departed and reached at 3.50. I can actually take an earlier one but we ... having no food to eat for the past 2 days as the engineering came to the hotel and locked the kitchen, had to go for the last resort - instant noodles. So, for once in 6 months, we were so excited of going back to school - just for brunch. I dont now, being a hero, let's see how many hours I dont have to sleep later. My big luggage was sent from SBB Luzern to SBB Geneve and I'll collect it tomorrow at 6pm from Bahnhoft or la gare ... terserah la. So, by hand I have one hand luggage, one laptop bag, one bag on my right shoulder, one on my left shoulder and holding another 2 plastic bags. Miracle happened. I managed to reach Galih's place safe and sound in 1 piece. Yeay!

And let's continue this, I almost forgot about this until that I was browsing my pics in Goh's place the other day. My trip to Mt. Rigi. Just one and a half hours from Luzern? I'm not that sure, but more or less.

This is the hotel that Yu Wen went for interview. She rejected it, the place is quite dodgy, the ventilation isn't good but they are doing some renevation now. Their seminar room is like my primary class room -_- Most of the customers, as expected, are old folks.

This is a tourist attraction. It's just located below the hotel. From the outside, it looks like some abandoned place. But, it's actually a church.

Nice eh

This was taken from far back ...

And further back ..

This is at the main door ... where they have all these wordings ... I dont understand all that so .. dont ask me :D

These are the pictures :)

Outside of the hotel :D

We saw this very cute hotel dog but he was running up and down, couldnt snap his pic

Finally, went to the station to wait for the train down ... and it looks like this

Yeah .. a train that do not look any different from kindergarden trains -_- those colours :S

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