Saturday, December 9, 2006

Pisa I

Venue: Pisa

We reached Pisa in the night, again.

I would say it's not bad, though it wasn't as good as the 1st place we stayed but this is also not bad. Opposite Jason & Goh's room is someone we dont know -_-

Our bed, our room, 4 of us once again though we can comfortably sleep with 3 each but still ... haha

Morning comes and it's time to depart ... to Pisa Tower ...

Once we reached there ...

Pisa Tower :p

Bit dark ..

Coming up .. on the way ...

We are coming .. :D

We are finally up there ... yayyy!!! This place is so much easier to climb compared to the one in Luzern ... that 1 .. my gawd!

Next, we headed to a restaurant, really nice restaurant, the deco and stuff ... fab!

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