Wednesday, December 20, 2006


As usual, going through my pictures, I found this pic. Before you see the pic, let me describe first. It's a very very special pic, and cannot be found at any place around the world. Only selected areas can be seen. So, if you have it, appreciate it. If you dont have it, beg for it. If you still cant get it, rob for it. And if you got caught, just say that all you do, is for the sake of Twisties. They will be touched and eventually release you.

Yeah .. you seeee ... dont know how long I have not eaten Twisties until that day. I dont see any here ... so ... okie la ... I know it's damn ulu [village] getting excited all over Twisties, that's coz I didnt eat for a long long time, it's like the ice age.

This was taken on the way to Neuchatel, I mean not my intention to go to Neuchatel, but that stupid system gone haywire that day.

From afternoon, I was in the train until the sun sets .. how pathetic can I be

Feeling the most pathetic ... from sun shining so brightly until the sun sets .. oh myyyy .. QUACK :p haha

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