Monday, December 11, 2006

Rome I

Venue: Rome

This is the last one but not the last entry. It will be few entries as we were there for 2 days which was the longest among all the places we went to.

This was taken in McD's where we were waiting for the train. Who knows that the train was delayed and we have to wait even longer.

After we arrived in Rome, we were looking high and low for this hostel called ENJOY hostel. Who knows the sign was so damn HUGE that we could not see. Plus, it was all in the dark, how to see. And yeah, we really did ENJOY ourselves. 9 people in a room, with shared bathroom which was so disgustin, I really could not take it. It's THAT gross okay! Disgusting! My gawd!

Then later in the morning, we had breakfast. Breakfast time :)

Ah Boi ordered this

Our beverages


Finally it's mine

Did I spell it correctly? Okie anyway this is the Vetican City .. the holy place where it is located in Rome itself


I like that fountain :p

It was still quite warm :S

Yu Wen and I


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